Circular letter from Governor John Milton

Circular letter from Governor John Milton


[incomplete document - right side only]

E In the State of Florida.
at scarcity of Arms for the troops now being raised,
fence of the State. While brave men and gallant
et, they have not weapons of war, and money will

Pistols and Sabres which were to be seen, after the
ouse in Florida? The State will pay Twenty-Five
ls, saber, and yauger, and the Judge of Probate is
; and is expected to report to the Governor of the
of the arms he may receive, and hold them subject
be appointed to collect and transport arms to the
ppoint a suitable person in each county to collect
n so appointed to receive the compensation stated
the State. The Agent will go prepared to pay for
obate, and the State will not be responsible for any
John Milton
Governor of Florida


State Library of Florida: Florida Collection, BR0007


Fragment of a Civil War circular.