Save the Bald Eagle!

Save the Bald Eagle!


Photo-Florida Game and Fresh Water Fish Commission
the Bald Eagle!
[left column]
Adults-Join the
Bald Eagle Club
$1.00 Life Membership
Funds for Eagle Research and
Eagle Protection.
Send Name, Address and Check to
Florida Audubon Society
Drawer 7, Maitland, Florida
[right business card]
The American Bald Eagle Club
PO Box 821 Maitland, Florida
sustained by
Balding Pates and Silvering Domes
Has responded to the scream of the
Bald Eagle and contributed toward the
preservation of our National Emblem
Donald B. Hyde, Founder
Sponsored by Florida Audubon Society
[left business card]
Eagle Guardian Pledge
I promise to be a guardian of
the American Bald Eagle.
I will learn all I can about
this, our National Emblem.
I will do everything possible
to keep it flying forever.
Signature [blank]
Sponsored by Florida Audubon Society
PO Box 525 Maitland, Florida
[right column]
Children- Become
Eagle Guardians
A Pledge Card to Carry
A Pin to Wear
Send Signatures of Children and
Check for Total to
Florida Audubon Society
Drawer 7, Maitland, Florida
[center] "Keep 'em Flying"


State Library of Florida: Florida Collection, BR0119


Invites adults to join the Bald Eagle Club to help provide funds for eagle research and eagle protection ($1.00). Children are invited to become Eagle Guardians (ten cents).