Jefferson County: Where It Is, and What Can Be Done Here

Jefferson County: Where It Is, and What Can Be Done Here


Jefferson County.
Where it is, and what can be done here.

Jefferson County is the Banner County of the State. More of its chief
crop, cotton, is produced than in any county in the State. Its resources
are unlimited, its climate unsurpassed, its soil equals any in any civilized
country, almost every agricultural product is raised to perfection:
its hundreds of acres of Pear Groves and Vineyards, Fig, Pecan, Walnut
Pomegranate, Peach, Plum and other fruits attest its fruit producing capacity.
Its church and school facilities are excellent. There are free
schools in the county three to five months in the year, and ten months in
town. Its healthfulness is not excelled by any county, its perfect freedom
from pestilence and epidemics is shown by life insurance charges being
less than in most Southern States. It is noted for the honesty and hospitality
of its people. Monticello, the chief town of Jefferson County, is
twenty-eight miles from Tallahassee, the Capital, and twenty miles south
of Thomasville, Ga., and is the cleanest and healthiest little inland town of
1,500 inhabitants in the south. The drives in and around the town, in connection
with the finest livery in the State, are the delight of all visitors. It
is one hundred and forty miles west of Jacksonville, and is the center of
the "Florida Highlands." It is thirty miles north of the deep waters of the
Gulf of Mexico. If you are an invalid come and try our dry climate and
breathe our resinous atmosphere. If you are a sportsman our fields are
full of game and free to you. Our hotels and boarding houses bid you
welcome, and at reasonable rates for board. The new hotel, "Winter
Home, " owned by Messrs. J. C. Turner & Co., will be opened for guests
this season and is supplied with gas and water works and electric enunciators,
and will be first-class in all respects. If you wish to change your
bleak and dreary home for one in a more favored clime, you are especially
invited. If you are a capitalist and are seeking profitable investments,
come among us; you cannot find a better field under the sun for safe and
profitable investment. Our active and enterprising real estate agents,
Messrs. Lamar & Simkins will show you, free of charge, hundreds of most
excellent investments that will probably be ten times as valuable in a short
time. I have nearly five hundred acres in a body within one-half mile of
depot which I will sell in any amounts desired, or the whole tract for
$12,000; also seventy-four acres within the town with my handsome new
dwelling, observatory and cellar, cisterns and tanks, hot and cold water,
baths and closet, splendid kitchen and outbuildings, and land free of
stumps and highly improved regardless of cost, all fenced and cross fenced.
Price $15,000, to include some valuable furniture. Have been offered $100
per acre for some of the least valuable and refused it. Some is worth $1,000
per acre for building lots. Have twelve acres of Le Conte pear orchard on
it, the whole very rich and fertile, elegant stock or truck farm. I own
12,000 acres of the most valuable land in the county, and wish to sell 5,000
to develop the balance; prefer to negotiate loan at 10 per cent. interest per
annum and payable annually and due in three years; will sell one-half interest
at a reasonable price and will guarantee with absolute security
(mortgage on my one-half and crops) 6 per cent. interest per annum, and
allow privilege at end of five years of pulling out with money put in and 8
per cent. interest by notifying me at end of fourth year of said intention.
If more than 8 per cent is made party to have his share of profits. I will
demonstrate to his entire satisfaction that fully 15 per cent. to 50 per cent.
can be reasonably expected, I to get no salary if 15 per cent. is not made,
and $1,000 to $5,000 according to amount made. Will pay fair salary to
partner. I have some 4,000 acres under cultivation and 1,000 free of
stumps. I gin all my cotton and grind all my corn by water power at my
two splendid water mills and I could cut up thousands of tons of the finest
ensilage and hay in the world by water power, could make brick (clay immediately
at hand) by water power, for silos and lime at my lime quarry
on same plantation. As character and ability are the first essential in finding
a partner, will state that I am thirty-two years old, born and raised in
this section, and refer to anyone here; as a banker I never lost one dollar,
as a merchant doing the largest credit business I collected within one-half
of one per cent; as to character in all my transactions as banker, merchant
and farmer, I never treated anyone wrong in the slightest degree in any
instance in my life; as public officer or private citizen I have always denounced
wrong fearlessly, never backed out of a trade, and no imaginable
adverse circumstances could force me to do wrong. With
capital to develop my interest I would most assuredly make
an immense fortune. We can feed stock cheaper than anywhere
on earth. We can get off a crop of Irish potatoes, tomatoes,
melons, oats, etc., in May or June, and in July or August we can cut be-
gar lice (a spontaneous growth and complete stock food, and, by analysis
of Prof. Myers, of the Mississippi Agricultural College, is worth $18.01 per


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Jefferson County is the Banner County of the State. More of its chief crop, cotton, is produced that in any county in the State. Its resources are unlimited, its climate unsurpassed, its soil equals any in any civilized country. ... Any further information about the county, etc., will be cheerfully given. Yours respectfully, E. B. Bailey. Monticello, Fla., September 1887.''