Florida, revised descriptive circular of DeLand Florida.

Florida, revised descriptive circular of DeLand Florida.

Published Date

  • published 1884

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  • DeLand.



Revised Descriptive Circular of DeLand, Florida.

DeLand, Florida, Sept. 15, 1884
The city of DeLand is located five miles east of our landing, on the St. Johns River,
where all river steamboats pass; very near the geographical center, north and south of
Volusia County, and in the middle of


This place is about twenty-five miles from the Atlantic Ocean, and is almost constantly
favored with a tempered


and from its elevation above the river, its location among the pines, and its isolation from
all standing water, it is peculiarly adapted to the necessities of invalids. This belt of land
is about twenty miles long, and averages about five miles wide, is gently undulating, and
in our immediate vicinity somewhat hilly. Our lands are


by any pine land in the State. In our city, which is only seven years old, we have an
Academy Building now being built, at a cost, furnished, of about $6,000, to be opened in
October, under the management of Dr. J. H. Griffith, D. D., of Troy, N. Y., for the educa-
tion of students of both sexes, preparing them for college, or for teaching, ,or for practical
life. Also a fine new Public School Building under contract, to cost, furnished, about
$2,600; to be open about Nov. 1 as a free white school. Also, a Baptist Church, costing
$4,000, and a Methodist Church, costing $2,600, both neatly finished, furnished and paid for.
A Presbyterian Church; an Episcopalian Church nearly finished, and a Catholic Church.
We have


and now have six general merchandise stores, carrying some of the largest and best stocks
in South Florida; also, two drug stores, a millinery and notion store, a furniture store,
bakery and confectionery store, two livery and feed stables, jewelry store, and a paint
store, the Volusia County Bank, two hardware stores, a Masonic lodge, four saw mills
within two miles, and a blacksmith and wagon shop.


a large, eight-page weekly, is published here, and it is a valuable paper for those desiring
information about Florida. Also, the Orange Ridge Echo, a lively seven-column local Our
hotels and boarding-houses afford good fare at reasonable prices. Parce Land Hotel was
enlarged and nicely fitted up last fall, and was filled through the winter with first class
guests. The DeLand Grove House and Floral Grove House are being enlarged, and Harlan
Hotel is being built at Lake Helen, five miles southeast from DeLand, all of which will be
under good management, and so run as to best accommodate tourists and health and
pleasure seekers. The DeLand & St Johns Railroad is now finished and is being run to
accommodate travel to and from the river steamers, and also to connect with the J. T. &
K. W. R. R., now being rapidly built, and which it crosses on the way to the river. These
railroads will also give us telegraphic accommodations with the north, supplying an
urgent need.

For the information of invalids, we will add that several good physicians are settled in
our midst, affording excellent medical aid when required.

Population now in and near DeLand City, that trade there, 1,000 to 2,000.

We are offering these choice lands to actual settlers at $20 to $100 per acre. Village lots
and improved property for sale also.

For further particulars, call on or address
J. Y. Parce, DeLand, Volusia Co., Fla.
or H. A. DeLand, Fairport, Monroe Co., N. Y.