Nophsinger & Co. land lottery letter

Nophsinger & Co. land lottery letter




New Albany, Ia 1857

You having been represented to us as favorable to the great cause of Colonization, of which Mr. Clay and many others of our distinguished citizens were members, and as a person wishing the emigration of all emancipated Slaves out of the country, we take this method to forward the cause, by enclosing you 4 of our Tickets, which will cost you, should you retain them all yourself or dispose of them, $3; and if you should want more please order them. If you are opposed to this method of raising funds for the Society, will you be kind enough to transfer them to some other responsible person, and by so doing, you will receive the thanks of
Your Humble Servants,
H. NOPHSINGER & CO., Gen. Agents

P.S. We are authorized by Mr. C. Hagen to say, that he will exchange books of any character or quality, for any jewelry price drawn, if the party holding same so wish it, and at prices cheap as the cheapest, at his great Book and Stationary Depot, Louisville, Ky.
H.N. & CO.

June 17, 1857.

Hon. Alex. Anderson, New Albany, Indiana :-
MY DEAR SIR:-I hereby authorize you to receive from HENRY NOPHSINGER whatever money comes into his hands for this Society for the sale of Land, etc., etc., belonging or which did belong to the estate of William Reynolds, or to him before his death; and to remit to me, as Financial Secretary of American Colonization Society, from time to time.
Yours, very truly,
Financial Secretary A. C. S.

I hereby certify, that all the property named in the Circular of H. Nophsinger & Co. is covered by good Warrantee Deeds, and are placed in my hands to be sent out to the successful party immediately after the drawing.
Judge Court Common Pleas, New Albany District, Indiana.


State Library of Florida: Florida Collection, BR0022B