Nophsinger & Co. Land lottery advertisement

Nophsinger & Co. Land lottery advertisement


Second Grand Distribution!
Sixty Thousand Dollars!

H. Nophsinger & Co., Gen. Agents
Would respectfully state that this is the last of their Distributions, and on which occasion
all of the property will be disposed of - consisting of
Sixty Seven Farms,
with thirty thousand dollars' worth of
Personal Property,
all secured
To the Ticket holder, by placing the Titles, Warrantees, and Power of Attorney to act,
in the hands of third and disinterested parties, with all monies received for the same in the
said parties hand, saving the actual expenses incurred. Read and judge.
This great Moral and Benevolent Distribution will take place
December 24, 1857, In
New Albany, Indiana,
Or sooner if all the Tickets are disposed of, due notice of which will be given.
This is decidedly the rarest chance ever offered to secure a home - a small fortune -
for one dollar, the cost of a ticket.

Prize 1st. One Model Farm, adjoining this place, with every convenience
necessary for a first class residence. The houses are all new and of modern
build, and thoroughly embellished with rare varieties of shrubbery, arbor and vine-
yard with seventy-five acres of land in a high state of cultivation adjoining the houses
-the most desirable property here. Valued at $6,000.00

2nd. Sixteen Farms in Montgomery County, Ga, 250 acres each
valued at the low price of $1.25 per acre. The quality of the land is warranted good,
and will be conveyed by warrantee deeds. (Any information respecting title, quality
of land, & c. will be cheerfully given by Hon. B. R. Young, Ex-member of Congress,
Elizabethtown, Ky., who formerly owned adjoining land:) value $5,000.00

3rd. California Gold Mining Land in Shares of $25 each. This
stock consists of an undivided interest in Gold Lands in Youla County, purchased of
John A. Sutter, by Sylvester Patrick and others, by deed of warrantee; one hundred
acres of which was sold to a Company in London for Two Hundred Thousand Dollars,
after an examination of it by their Engineer and Agent, as to title and value. Aggregate
value $8,750.00

4th. Fifty Fine Farms in Randolph County, Illinois, 160 acres each,
at the low price of $1.50 per acre. This land is exclusively Prairie of the richest
quality, with plenty of coal and water on the same. Will be conveyed to prize holders
by deed of warrantee, the title being from the U. States. Total valuation, $12,000.00

Recapitulation and Additional Prizes.
To be distributed by lot.
1 Farm, adjoining New Albany: value - $6,000.00
16 Farms, in Montgomery County, Georgia: value - 5,000.00
350 Shares California Gold Land Stock: value - 8,750.00
50 Farms, in Randolph County, Illinois: value - 12,000.00
10 Superb Rose Wood, 7 octave, Pianos of superior tone
and workmanship: value each $500 - 5,000.00
10 Splendid Guitars: value each $100 - 1,000.00
4 Superior Top Buggies: value each $250 - 1,000.00
2 Extra Fine Rockaway Carriages: value each $500 - 1,000.00
100 Gold Double Cased Hunting Watches: val each $100 - 10,000.00
6 Gold Case Lady Watches: value each $40 - 240.00
1 Gold Locket (for miniature,) value $10 -1 0.00
50 Superior Gold Watch Chains: value each $20 - 1,000.00
400 Choice Pieces of Jewelry, Thimble, Pin, Ring and
Box: value set each $12.50 - 5,000.00
4000 Gold Dollars - 4,000.00
4000 Gifts for - $60,000.00

Tickets - - - One - - - Dollar
The manner of conducting the Distribution will be as viz. Disinterested gentlemen
shall be chosen from the spectators, by and with the consent of ticket holders, who
shall be qualified as to fairness, &c. They shall then count into the wheel 60,000 numbers.
After a thorough mixing, they shall appoint someone to draw out the numbers, one at a
time. The first number drawn entitles holder to the highest prize; the second to the
next highest, and so on to the end of the Gifts.
Immediate notice will be dispatched to the successful.

As the Real Estate belongs almost exclusively to William Reynolds, deceased, who magnanimously
donated the same to Colonization purposes, we have retained the services of W.
Williams, Esq. who will make all transfers, deeds, and conveyances that may be necessary.
This gentlemen intends removing to Marysville, Yocha County, California, in March next,
and would be glad to transact any business in connection with this, or any other property
that may be intrusted [sic] to his care.

All orders for Tickets, and all monies due for same, must be sent to Judge Alex. Anderson,
New Albany, Ia., who alone is authorized to receive the same, retaining in his possession
all above the cost and expense of the same for the benefit of Colonization purposes.

Great inducements to those who wish to act as Agents.
Tickets will be sent to any part of the United State to Agents, by addressing Judge
Alex. Anderson, New Albany, Ia., and 25 per cent allowed on all sales and resillances [sic] in
current funds. All money in register letters at our risk.
Payments for Tickets must be installed previous to the day of drawing to entitle the
holder to any prize; and we would be thankful to receive the same at the earliest day possible,
so as to enable us to send out certificates and deeds immediately after the day of distribution.


State Library of Florida: Florida Collection, BR0022A