Playbill for "Testimonial" given to A.M. Taylor, at the Jefferson Theatre in St. Augustine

Playbill for "Testimonial" given to A.M. Taylor, at the Jefferson Theatre in St. Augustine


Jefferson Theatre

A.M. Taylor, Manager
Tuesday Evening, Mar. 29, 1910
Given to.. Mr. A.M. Taylor
[left column]
Overture Jefferson Theatre Orchestra
Harmony Male Quartette
Mr. Arthur J. Prosser First Tenor
Mr. Harry L. Brown Second Tenor
Mr. Fred A. Henderich First Bass
Mr. Geo. R. Hillis Second Bass
Aux Italiens
First Love Miss Emma C. Burr
Marchioness Miss Hazel C. Kemp
Mario Mr. Arthur J. Prosser
Speaker Mr. A.M. Taylor
"Il Trovatore" Music by Orchestra
Black Face Musical Sketch
"Mrs. Jasper's Party"
Jim Johnson Mr. C.W. Godwin
Col. Anderson Mr. Harvey Tomlinson
Saxophone, Banjos, Songs
Mrs. E.T. Usina, Accompanist

[right column]
Mr. W. L. Larned Character Caricatures
German Character Sketch

Mr. E. I. Leighton Assisted by Male Chorus
Dramatic and Humorous Recitals
Mr. A. M. Taylor
Johnny and Emma Ray
"King Casey"
Assisted by Messrs. W. O. Boutelle, C.F.
Hopkins, Jr., E. J. Quiry

Shaw and his Orchestra
Overture "William Tell" Rossini
March "National Emblem" Bagley

[center column, bottom]
Testimonial Committee
Mayor Eugene Masters
Gen. J.C.R. Foster
Mr. E. I. Leighton


State Library of Florida: Florida Collection, BR0053


Program includes on Tuesday evening, March 29, 1910: Harmony male quartette; Aux Italiens; Black face musical sketch; Mr. W. L. Larnerd; German character sketch; Dramatic and humorous recitals; Johnny and Emma Ray; and Shaw and his Orchestra. Reverse side: portrait of Mr. A. M. Taylor, manager of Jefferson Theatre.