Playbill for "The Henrietta," a modern comedy in four acts, at the Jefferson Theatre in St. Augustine

Playbill for "The Henrietta," a modern comedy in four acts, at the Jefferson Theatre in St. Augustine


Jefferson Theatre

A. M. Taylor, Manager St. Augustine, Fla.
Thursday Evening, September 23, 1909
Joseph and William W.
"The Henrietta"
A Modern Comedy in Four Acts
By Bronson Howard
Produced by special arrangement with Mrs. Bronson Howard
and Samuel French of New York City.
Produced by John L. Wooderson.
Characters are named in order of their first appearance.
Musgrave, the old private secretary for the Vanalstynes,
Mr. John L. Wooderson
Nicholas Vanalstyne, Jr Mr Edward Archer
Nicholas Vanalstyne, Sr. known in Wall Street as
"Old Nick" Mr. Joseph Jefferson
Agnes Miss Renee Woodson
Dr. Parke Wainwright Mr. William A Carroll
Bertie Vanalstyne, "The Lamb" Mr Wm W. Jefferson
Mrs. Rose Vanalstyne, wife of Nicholas Vanalstyne, Jr.,
Miss Theodora Dudley
Watson Flint, a broker Mr. Eugene Ordway
Mrs. Cornelia Opdyke, a widow Miss Blanche Bender
Rev. Dr. Murray Hilton Mr. George Holland
Lady Mary Trelawney, old Vanalystyne's daughter
Miss Alice L. Brooks
Lord Arthur Trelawney Mr. C. MacLean Savage

Act First - The private office in the residence of Nicholas Vanalstyne
in New York City. "A Giant and a Lamb."

An interval of one month.
Act Second - The drawing room. "A Packet of Letters."

An interval of two weeks.
Act Third - Private office of Watson Flint & Co., Stock Exchange
Brokers, Wall Street, New York. Bulls, Bears, Lambs and a Tiger.
An interval of eighteen months.
Act Fourth - Same as Act Second.
Scenery designed and executed by W. Crosbie Gill.
Properties and effects constructed by Edward Siedle.
Draperies and furnishings supplied by McCreery & Co.
Albert B. Dorris, Business Manager.

S.W. Donalds, Manager.
John L. Wooderson, Stage Director
Eugene Ordway, Stage Manager.
James Morris, Master Mechanic.
Music by Y. M. C.A. Orchestra
T.J. Marshall, Director
October Attractions
Human Hearts Harry Beresford
Brewster's Millions Devil's Auction
St. Elmo Strongheart
Record Co. 34544


State Library of Florida: Florida Collection, BR0052