Scenes in the Orient at the Florida Chautauqua

Scenes in the Orient at the Florida Chautauqua


At the Florida Chautauqua, Lake de Funiak, Fla. February 12th, 13th and 14th, '85 at eight P.M. Scenes in the Orient! Sauahbrah In this Entertainment, travels with you through the every Ancient City, and "Deep Tangled" Jungle of Farther In- dia, and pictures to you the people and their homes in every order of society-their houses, ways of eating, sleep- ing, wooing, winning, marrying, marriage and funeral processions, pyres, worshipping, temples, shrines, pago- das, Kings, Queens, Palaces, and transmigration of the soul. The following is an entire change of Programme. Impersonations. In Native Pinless, Hookless & Buttonless Costumes? 1.The Buddhist in search of rest. 2.Fakir and Gaudama Priesthood. 3.Frantic Burial chanter. 4.Hideous Funeral Dancer Oriental Descriptions. Illustrated with Native Costumes and Curios. 1.How they Embalm the Dead. 2.How they Bury. 3.Transmigration of the Soul. How the Buddhists Worship. Songs of the Orient. 1.Gaudama's Evening Hymn, The Frantic Funeral Chant. Oriental Crystal Scenes. India and the Land of the Burmese and Karens Swayed by the Sword of Blood- thirty Theebaw. Back Bay, Bombay. Lake Reedemer, Umritser. Golden Temple and Tank, Umritser. Palanquin. Indian Cooks. Water Carriers. Sewing Man and Market Woman. The Winnowing Rice, Ploughing with Elephant. The Famine Scene. Dying by the River Ganges. Hindoo Fu- neral Rites. Car of Krishna. Kali Punishing her Husband. Kali in Boat on the Ganges. The Swinging Pilgrims. Temple of Shiva. Fakir at Prayer. Snake Worship. Serpent Charmers. Benares. Calcutta Ser- ampore. A youthful bride. Marriage Procession. Hindoo Maidens' Float- ing Lamps. Tope of Sanchi. Temple of Juggenath. God Hunaman,- Hunnaman Procession. Hindoo Geography. Taj Mahal. The Djzal.- Avenue of Poplars. Rangoon. Shay Dagon. The New Thee. Glass Pagoda. Jungle Home. Burmese Robbers. Padoung Karen. Women. Pagan Pagoda. Buddhist men. Shan Women. Monastery. A Buddhist Priest and Attendants. Burmese King. The Queen. The Son. Royal Boat of Burmese King. Hairy Family of Mandalay. Birth of Gaudama. Death of Gaudama. Burmese Kyoung. Bur- mese Doctor. The Gossiping Burmese Woman. How a Burman sits in a chair. The Burmese Lawyer. Burmese Funeral Procession. Yel- low Pagoda Fort. The Cat Merchants. Kite Flying. The Tragic Play of Sun and Moon. The Temple of Heaven. Parties desiring these Novel Entertainments may address J.F. Douthitt, 237 West 39th Street N.Y. City. Cameron's Printing Establishment 57 Ann St., N.Y.


State Library of Florida: Florida Collection, BR0135A


This is a two part advertisement for the Florida Chautauqua at DeFuniak Springs (Feb. 12-14, 1885 at 8 p.m.). The first sheet (Side A) is the announcement of the entire change of program for the 3 nights. Sides B and C have a more complete description of the new kind of entertainment to be presented, known as the Sauahbrah Oriental Entertainments.