Georgia and Florida meet at Florida Normal College, White Springs, Florida.

Georgia and Florida meet at Florida Normal College, White Springs, Florida.

Published Date

  • ca. 1890

Geographic Term

  • White Springs.


Georgia and Florida Meet
Florida Normal College,
White Springs, Florida.
Most Thorough! Most Practical!! Cheapest!!!
October 6th Will be an Excellent Time to Enter.
Music and Art Departments a Specialty.
Business Course fully equal to those offered in best commercial colleges, at less than half their rates.
Students trained in all forms of actual business.
Full literary course, including Classical, Scientific and Teachers' Courses. Complete Telegraph
Department. Shorthand and Typewriting made a specialty.
The Faculty and management have been greatly strengthened for the coming year, and specialists are put
in charge of each subject. Florida Normal College locates its students in positions to a better advantage
than other schools. This is due to its wide reputation and the thorough preparation it gives its students to hold
good places.
Please do not forget to send for catalogue, and remember that we can save you both time and money
in every department.
Our Location
White Springs is situated in Hamilton county, which borders upon Southern Georgia and has a climate
similar to that of Georgia. This has long been both a summer and winter resort for Georgia people.
Positively no location could be more healthful, either in winter or summer. The health record of the school is
perfect, as can be shown by the testimonials of many Georgia students who have been with us.
As a winter home White Springs has no superior. Georgia students can have here the advantages of this
delightful winter climate at a low rate of cost, and at the same time get the very best opportunities for
Times Print, Valdosta, GA.