Official Democratic ticket for the 1904 election in Florida

Official Democratic ticket for the 1904 election in Florida


Official Ticket
Democratic Nominees
For Presidential Electors
Vote for Five
x H.P. Bailey
x J. E. Grady
x T.A. Jennings
x A.B. Newton
x F.B. Stoneman
For Congress:
Vote for One
x S.M. Sparkman, 1st District
x Frank Clark, 2nd District
x Wm. B. Lamar, 3rd District
For Governor:
Vote for One
x Napoleon B. Broward
For Secretary of State:
Vote for One
x H. Clay Crawford
For Attorney-General:
Vote for One
x Wm. H. Ellis
For Comptroller:
Vote for One
x Alonzo C. Croom
For Treasurer of State:
Vote for One
x Wm. V. Knott
For State School Superintendent:
Vote for One
x J. Emmet Wolfe
For Commissioner of Agriculture:
Vote for One
x B.E. M'Lin
For Railroad Commissioner:
Vote for One
x John L. Morgan
For State Chemist:
Vote for One
x R.E. Rose
For Justice Supreme Court, six years:
Vote for One
x R. Fenwick Taylor
For Justices Supreme Court:
Vote for Three
x Robert S. Cockrell
x Thomas M. Shackelford
x James B. Whitfield


State Library of Florida: Florida Collection, BR0112


Lists Democratic candidates for the 1904 State and National election: Presidential Electors; Congress; Governor; Secretary of State; Attorney-General; Comptroller; Treasurer of State; State School Superintendent; Commissioner of Agriculture; Railroad Commissioner; State Chemist; Justice of Supreme court (six years); Justices Supreme Court.