Yellow Jack

Yellow Jack


  • Yellow Jack

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  • published 1941


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Gainesville, Jacksonville, Miami, Millview, Palmetto, Plant City, St.
Marks, Sanford, and Warrington. By that time ravages of the fever had
become so great in Florida seaports that many citizens were fleeing in
panic to the mountains of North Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee, and
commerce was dwindling rapidly as ship captains eliminated Florida
cities from their ports of call. (6)

Physicians of that day were almost powerless in their efforts to
eradicate the plague. They knew it was being introduced into the State
by sailing vessels and advocated strict quarantines against Havana and
West Indian ports; also shotgun barriers around infected sections.

Heroic Treatments. Early treatments for yellow fever reveal
heroic measures taken by the medical profession in attempts to control it.
One of the treatments follows: Place patient in hot mustard bath; allow
him to remain in it five to ten minutes. Take him out and rub him well;
then give 60 grains of calomel; take blood from temples by cups and
apply ice for four hours. Give large dose of castor oil and, after this
produces the desired effect, give patient two grains of calomel, two
grains of quinine, 1/2 grain ipecac, 1/4 grain opium every two hours. In
case of nausea apply mustard to stomach and sometimes cups. Small
doses of creosote may show good results at this stage of the treatment.
As soon as the fever shows signs of abating, blister the stomach and
extremities and dress with mercurous ointment. Extreme cases of nausea
may be arrested with small doses of alum, sugar of lead, brandy and
water, and creosote. Fermented yeast is useful in some cases