St. Augustine Shrimp Fleet

St. Augustine Shrimp Fleet


  • St. Augustine Shrimp Fleet

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  • published 1940


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get a cent a pound. The smaller fish and miscellaneous debris were
shoveled over the side and the deck washed down. This caused more
joyful comment from the gulls but as soon as the last scrap was gulped
down the faithless ones promptly left for another ship that was beginning
to heist its net. The eyesight of the gull must be very keen, for at a range
of vision impossible to humans without binoculars, they can spot a not
being hoisted.

"Gulls read feeshermn's mind. Can't see that far," argued the
swarthy Captain.

The Cook Takes Over.

After the net was again lowered into the sea and the gear made
fast, Sam went into the galley-forecastle and began to prepare the meal
while De Cruz went into his cabin to get a "tonic" against fatigue. He
said that he was so disappointed with this haul that he "had to take
something for his head."

If the first haul had warranted it, he explained, they would have
dropped a market buoy at the area and would have trawled back and
forth until not a shrimp "was on de bottom." The modern shrimp nets are
very efficient-the captain boasted that if he saw a knife drop he could
pick it up in his net.

Now the course was changed, and the Fortuna swung about for a
run to the open sea. Looking down from the vantage of the wheel house