The Roseate Spoonbill

The Roseate Spoonbill


  • The Roseate Spoonbill

Published Date

  • published ca. 1940



"If Alice in Wonderland had really known what an unusual bird I
am, she would have chosen me instead of the flamingo. Not that the
flamingo isn't a very charming bird, in fact, he is a distant cousin of

"Well! well!" thought Peggy Ann, suddenly attracted to a
picture in her new bird book. "Who are you? This is going to be
exciting." And then it seemed that right out of the picture stepped a
roseate spoonbill.

"Oh!" said Peggy Ann. "You are a very queer looking bird! I'll
have to read your story."

"As I was saying," replied the roseate spoonbill, "Alice made a
mistake, but I'll have to overlook it. She didn't really know me."
"Why are you called a roseate spoonbill?" asked Peggy Ann.

"Because I have a flat yellow spoon-shaped bill, the only one of
its kind among the birds of the United States. (12: p.110) So my queer
appearance and my name are due to this strange but useful bill. It is six
and half inches long, and looks very much like a big flat wooden spoon,
the kind you use to spread mustard on a hot dog at a picnic." (12: p.110)