The Roseate Spoonbill

The Roseate Spoonbill


  • The Roseate Spoonbill

Published Date

  • published ca. 1940


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"Oh please!" Peggy Ann answered.

"Well, it was just about a year ago last January that I met Pinky
Spoonbill. She was such a gorgeous pink bird, with the brightest black
eyes. When I gave her a nice smooth twig and made my most gallant
bow, she nodded and bowed back. Then we crossed our bills to show
we were happy.

"Some of my acquaintances decided to upset our plans, but I
quickly let them know I wouldn't stand for any nonsense. I raised both
my wings, showing all my bright color. Then lowering my head with
partly opened bill, I moved toward them. They backed quickly away.
This pleased Pinky. She told me by nods and bows and by patting my
neck and shoulders with her bill. (Bird Lore, June 1940, p.282)

"Then we built our nest, using twigs and small branches. It
looked like a platform, very strong and secure among the cypress trees
and mangrove thickets. My mate laid three eggs, covered with dots and
blotches of reddish brown. The shells were rough without any gloss."
(4: p.454)

"What do the baby spoonbills look like?" asked Peggy Ann.
"Very much like ugly ducklings. At first the bodies are covered
with white down. You can plainly see the light pink skin