The Old Plaza of St. Augustine

The Old Plaza of St. Augustine


  • The Old Plaza of St. Augustine

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  • published 1940



Few cities in the United States have as many historical landmarks
within such a small area as the Old Slave Market or Plaza of St.
Augustine. This Plaza de la Constitucion is an attractive, landscaped
parkway in the center of the town, bounded by Cathedral, Charlotte,
King, and St. George Streets. Since the founding of St. Augustine it has
been the historic parade ground of the military forces of three nations.
The Plaza has known the tramps of soldiers, the moan of slaves beneath
the lash, the shrill haggling of buyers, and the happier voices of gay

On opposite sides of the Plaza, with its twisted cedars and flower
gardens, are the Catholic Cathedral and Trinity Episcopal Church. The
Cathedral's old manuscripts and records date from 1594. Although not
as old as the Catholic Cathedral, the Episcopal Church is erected on a
spot long devoted to religious ceremonies. To the east is a statute of
Ponce de Leon, Florida's discoverer, and in the distance, spanning the
broad Mantanzas River (Spanish: River of Slaughter) is the white arched
Bridge of Lions leading to the ancient quarries of Anastasia. Behind the
Cathedral lie the narrow streets and quaint houses of the old Spanish

West of the Plaza is Post Office Park. On this site stood the