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A Funny Bird Is ...


  • A Funny Bird Is ...

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placed in it.

In the United States there are but three species of pelicans: the
white pelican, the brown pelican and the California brown pelican. The
latter is similar to the brown pelican but is found only in the California

In the writings of John Hawkins, describing his travels in
American in 1565, the following reference is made to the brown pelican:

"Of the sea-fowls above all other not common in England, I
noted the pelican, which is faimed to be the lovingest bird that is; which
rather than her young should want, will spare her heart blood out of her
belly; but for all this lovingnesse she is very deformed to beholde; for she
is colour russett: notwithstanding in Guinea I have seen of them as white
as a swan, having legs like the sarnie, and a body like a hearne, with a
long necke, and a thick long beake, form the nether jaw whereof downe
to the breast passeth a skinne of such a bignesse as is able to receive a
fish as big as ones thigh, and this her big throat and long bill deeth make
her seem so ougly (Hakluyt's Voyages Vol. 7, p. 51) [sic]

THE WHITE PELICAN: The white pelican is now comparatively
rare, though at one time it was common throughout North America. This
species winters along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico and resembles the
common pelican of the Old World; differing however; in that it has a curious
horny projection on its bill, during the breeding season, which drops off
after the eggs are hatched. The plumage is pure white except for