A Funny Bird Is ...

A Funny Bird Is ...


  • A Funny Bird Is ...

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  • published 1940


and is easily captured.

The pelican is an emblem of sacrifice. The hook, which
terminates the upper bill, is red and it has been suggested that the ancient
fable of the pelican feeding the young with blood from its own breast
originated with its habit of pressing the bill upon the breast where the red
tip might be mistaken for blood. Because of this the bird was often
depicted in heraldry and symbolic art with wings extended and
wounding her breast, from which fell drops of blood.

The pelican is one of our most admired birds. Its wings have
great power of flight, carrying the heavy body easily and gracefully for
long distances along the coast in search of food. When at rest, it has a
reserved, grave dignity; its patriarchal bearing suggests year of fruitful
experience and the learning of prophets and sages.