Florida Trees, Flowers, Fruits

Florida Trees, Flowers, Fruits


  • Florida Trees, Flowers, Fruits

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  • 1938-1939 Series


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Beautiful orchids are found in Florida, especially in the southern part. There are a number
of epiphytic varieties (these growing on trees) but the most abundant are terrestrial, or rested in
the soil. One common epiphytic species, the butterfly orchid, is found in the hammocks and
swamps of southern Florida in spring and summer, its green-brown flowers roundish and
clustered. Terrestrial orchids can be seen in low grounds throughout the State. The small,
greenish-white ladies' tresses bloom in winter and spring, and the small, pure-white, spurred
orchid, as also the yellow-fringed orchid, in spring and summer. Fragrant rose pogonia blooms in
marshes in late winter and spring.

Tropical Fruits

In lower Florida around Miami and the Keys, is a large variety of curious tropical fruits.
Here thrive such delectable oddities as the papaya, which is cooked as a vegetable when green,
and eaten as a fruit when ripe; breadfruit, which, baked, resembles bread; the crimson-pulped,
agreeably acid pomegranate; and the mango, with its very large seed and subacid pulp. Also, the
kumquat, the smallest of all citrus fruits; the butter-like avocado, one of the most nutritious fruits
in the world; the guava, famed in the making of jelly; the spicy Burinam cherry; the extremely
sugary tamarind; the refreshing Japanese leguat; besides the common coconuts, pineapples and

Citrus: A most important feature of Florida's plant life is citrus.