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  • Letter, December 22, 1860, Richard K. Call, Lake Jackson, to Mr. Hart (editor, Tallahassee Sentinel newspaper), printed as a 1-page broadside: ''. . . never at any time, or on any occasion within the last ten years, have I seen so much unanimity, so much enthusiasm, in the support of the glorious American Union, as on this day, appointed for its destruction by political leaders. . . There are no men in your State, sir, who will resent an insult, or avenge a wrong to Florida, with more . . . spirit and pride than they. There are none who will resist the Black Republicans with more firmness and energy -- none who will take up arms sooner -- none who will fight more bravely, under the stars and the stripes of the Union; but they will not be led like slaves -- they will not be lead, or driven, into evolution, rebellion and treason against their country . . . I doubt not, sir, that [their voice] is the voice of nine-tenths of the working men of Florida. . . They will never yield any constitutional guarantee of African slavery -- but they will ''submit'' to the law while it is constitutional, and they will maintain the Union while it is constitutional . . .'' Following this is a postscript dated December 23 in which Call announces a ''Glorious anniversary of a glorious night, Jackson's first victory on the banks of the Mississippi. The 8th day of January 1861 will be celebrated at the Lake Jackson Church. . . a day of thanksgiving to God -- a day of honor and gratitude to the memory of the great Chief. A Portrait of General Jackson taken 35 years ago will be displaed under a banner bearing a Star for every State of the Union, which has not ''"ified'' the Fugitive Slave law and denied the Supreme jurisdiction of the Supreme Court of the United States. . .'' [Copies also in Box 1, File Folder 6, Item 9, and Box 3, File Folder 23]

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  • CALL FAMILY PAPERS (continued)

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