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  • Letter, February 3, 1876, Emma Westcott, Tocoi, St. John's River, Florida, to Ellen Call Long, 4 pp., reporting on efforts in St. Augustine to collect Centennial display items: ''The Lady Superior of the convent has promised me some specimens of the exquisite lace which is made by the ladies of the convent. . . a beautiful linen cambric handkerchief of Spanish work. . . articles made from palmetto . . . feather flowers, fans, etc. . . wire grass work . . . indigenous grasses . . . and mosses . . .''

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  • Letter, January 25, 1876, M. E. P. Bouligny, Washington, to Ellen Call Long, 4 pp., regarding her trips to Connecticut, Boston, Plymouth, New York, and Philadelphia, and proposed Centennial legislation: ''I earnestly hope that our National Congress will tomorrow make the appropriation that shall add still further to the celebration's success. There is some doubt about the Southern members. The unfortunate debating about the amnesty bill, and some rancor not yet softened between Representatives of the North and South may damage the Centennial bill. . . I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed your articles in the `Semi-Tropical Magazine.' Your pen is dipped in light, as you throw a glow upon every subject you touch. . .''