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  • Letter, February 15, 1861, E. R. Lea, Philadelphia, to ''My dear Friend [Ellen Call Long?], 8 pp.: ''I am glad you have such good accounts from Richard in whose welfare I feel much interested, as well as in dear little Nonie too. . . I grieve sincerely for you, and those who think like you, that the Gulf states have not acted wisely in thus rushing into Secession. . . I hope something may yet occur to prevent civil war. . . you will scarcely be surprised to hear that northern men cannot easily sit down and fold their hands, while the best and most prosperous government the world has ever seen is being torn to pieces. . . The mass of the people [have] no desire to exact improper concessions from the South. . . If by Black Republicans you mean Abolitionists, do understand that they as a party are small and without any influence. The Republican Party, ''par excellence,'' is composed of Old Whigs, moderate Democrats, and Americans and . . . have no intention, as they have no power, to interfere with slavery where it now exists. . . I think there is no feeling of animosity here towards any of the seceded states but South Carolina. . . Kiss Nonie for me, and give my respects to your Father, whose pamphlet I read with great interest. . .''

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  • Correspondence, 1861-1866