CALL FAMILY PAPERS (continued) - Box: 5 Folder: 5 Item: 18

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  • Letter, May 25, 1836, from Washington, published December 1907, denying that Call's letters to the Secretary of War regarding the situation in Florida had been neglected, complaining of the failure of General Gaines and General Scott to defeat the Indians, and criticizing the panic resulting from ''the appearance of five Indians killing one negro and burning a deserted building and killing one white boy . . . For the Lord's sake take some energetic stand, raise your people to action and energy, pursue and destroy every party of Indians that dare approach you . . . You must act promptly and regain the military fame lost by the wretched conduct of Genl Gaines and Scott, instead of complaining of those, as you have the power. I expect you to act with energy, or you will loose your military fame.'' This letter is preceded by a letter to the editor (apparently) from ''Mrs. E. K. Call'' defending Jackson's actions in regard to several duels and arguing that he fought duels only to defend the honor of his wife.

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  • CALL FAMILY PAPERS (continued)

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  • Andrew Jackson letters (photocopies), 1812-1842, 20 pp. (containing 22 letters), as published in The Collector: A Magazine for Autograph and Historical Collectors, between 1901 and 1908. Jackson wrote the letters to Richard K. Call from Washington, D.C. or from Nashville or the Hermitage, Tennessee. They concern personal and family matters as well as public affairs and figures, national politics and government, Florida events, military events, and other matters. The letters were apparently sold to The Collector editor Walter R. Benjamin by Ellen Call Long in 1900 or 1901 (see letters dated July 28, 1900 and October 10, 1900, Benjamin to Long, Box 1, Folder 15, Items 3 and 4). (From U.N.C. #2293-B)