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  • Letter, August 20, 1847, Edwin H. Ewing, Nashville, to [S. W. Carmack?], 3 pp., relating further efforts to settle the estate of Thomas Kirkman: ''I filed a bill in the Chancery Court at Nashville against Mrs. Kirkman as Executrix of Thomas Kirkman deceased and her sureties . . . none of them intend to make a question as to their liability, except as to the amount. . . I saw Mr. Washington who had been acting as Counsel for Mrs. Kirkman . . . The process was not served on Mrs. Kirkman at the last term and she has not been in this state indeed since the bill was filed. I shall proceed against her as a non- resident. . .'' Goes on to summarize the circumstances of the will and the disputed codicil.

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  • Separation Sheet for Letter, June 29, 1841, Richard K. Call, Tallahassee, to Mrs. Ellen Kirkman, New Orleans, 3 pp., regarding business and family matters, including a suit against him which he would pay ''to get rid of the scoundrels, if the times were not so hard. I want to see my dear little Mary very much, but I know she has every possible care and attention . . . and I must content myself until I can pay you a visit either at New Orleans or Nashville. . . [I am] anxious to know something about your future arrangements. Nashville . . . is too cold for you and New Orleans is too unhealthy. Port Leon I think is the very place for you to come and live with me and my daughters. . . It is improving more rapidly than any little place I have ever seen, and will become the largest, and most business place in Florida. . .'' [Multiple holes and tears: text lost] [Separation Sheet only in this folder. Original in Box 10, File Folder 9.]