CALL FAMILY PAPERS - Box: 1 Folder: 4 Item: 5

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  • Copy of Letter, March 30, 1844, Richard K. Call, Tallahassee, to C. A. Wickliff, Postmaster General of the United States, 6 pp., stating that he has changed his mind about resigning as territorial governor immediately upon the adjournment of the Legislative Council. Instead he desires to remain in office until the expiration of his appointment in August in order to publicly resolve issues and conflicts between him and political opponents in the Locofoco party, whose leaders ''confidently assert . . . that I will not be reappointed by Mr. Tyler. . .''

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  • Separation Sheet for Letter, June 29, 1841, Richard K. Call, Tallahassee, to Mrs. Ellen Kirkman, New Orleans, 3 pp., regarding business and family matters, including a suit against him which he would pay ''to get rid of the scoundrels, if the times were not so hard. I want to see my dear little Mary very much, but I know she has every possible care and attention . . . and I must content myself until I can pay you a visit either at New Orleans or Nashville. . . [I am] anxious to know something about your future arrangements. Nashville . . . is too cold for you and New Orleans is too unhealthy. Port Leon I think is the very place for you to come and live with me and my daughters. . . It is improving more rapidly than any little place I have ever seen, and will become the largest, and most business place in Florida. . .'' [Multiple holes and tears: text lost] [Separation Sheet only in this folder. Original in Box 10, File Folder 9.]