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  • Letter, July 23, 1829, Richard K. Call, Tallahassee, to Andrew Jackson, 12 pp. [last leaf missing], noting that ''your letter has given me more pain, and inflicted on my feelings a deeper wound, than they have ever before experienced . . . [you] believe that I have been one of the slanderers of Mr. and Mrs. Eaton . . . I met with [Dr. and Mrs. Ely] . . . they mentioned the subject themselves and spoke of the general impression which prevailed in society against Mr. and Mrs. Eaton [Peggy Eaton, a barmaid who became Secretary of War John Eaton's second wife]. To them I did not disguise my own opinion, which corresponded with [theirs]. They had heard every thing almost that I had heard and much more. . . I advised Dr. Ely to address you [because] I thought you would listen to him with more attention that you would to me. I am much mortified to find Sir that you have thought proper to class me among your enemies for doing that which could only have been dictated by the most devoted friendship. What other motive could have induced me to speak to you as I did . . . I knew that I should make him my enemy and should run the risk of incurring your displeasure but I conceived it my duty to inform you . . .'' Call denies a claim by Major Lewis that, ''having no doubt but that she was a woman of easy virtue, I made proposals to her of a certain description which she with seeming indignation rejected.'' Call then relates his version of events and conversations and insists that ''To you and to your devoted friends only did I mention this subject, with your enemies I held no intercourse.''

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  • Correspondence, 1827-1835