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  • Letter, November 1, 1823, John Lee Williams, St. Marks, to Richard K. Call, 8 pp., regarding an Indian treaty: ''. . . the Indians were not to be removed in less time than a year and . . . Capt. McClintock had orders to see that they were not disturbed during that period;'' relates meeting with Tallahassee chief Neomatta, ''who told us that he had been told a story by Gov. Duval very different, viz. that in three moons Duval would call on him, take him on to see his Great father at Washington, and there determine what should be done about the land, that he could give no consent . . . we might do as we pleased but must tell nobody that he gave his consent;'' describes lands and waters ceded by the chief and the mood of American settlers and Indians: ''The Aclackney and Tallahassee lands far exceed my expectations, they are first rate. . . every vegitable cultivated here is luxuriant. The cotton fields exceed, by one half, any I have before seen . . . [I shall] sketch a map of our discoveries which I will send to you . . . the site shall be fixed near the old fields abandoned by the Indians after Jacksons invasion. . . Great dissatisfaction exists among the American settlers here, in regard to the Treaty. They allege that having entered a wilderness and made improvements . . . entitles them to the protection of Government . . . the Indians I know do not intend to remove until they shall be obliged; when they do, most of them, instead of going south, will return to the upper Creeks. . . Among the curiosities of the country, we discovered an old Spanish Fort . . . about halfway from Aclackney to Tallahassee. . .

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  • Correspondence, 1818-1826