State and County Officer Directories, 1868-1969

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State and county directories, 1845-1997.

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S 1284


Florida. Office of Secretary of State.


State and county directories, 1845-1997.


67.00 v.




This series may serve as a listing of state and county officials, or as an index to the volumes containing records of commission issued to individuals who were appointed or elected to state or local government offices (Series 1285 through 1290). Gaps in the series occur for the years 1858-1861 and 1864-1870.

The first five volumes of the series contain indexes for state and county officials for the period 1845 to 1857. The sixth volume contains entries for May 9, 1861 - December 2, 1863. These volumes are arranged by office title and then by county name.

From 1871 to 1937 both classes of officers were entered into a single volume indexed alphabetically by county name and then by state office. From 1889 to 1937 this volume was known as the State Directory.

From 1937 through 1961 the same information that had been entered into a single volume was divided into a State Directory and a County Directory. The directories from 1937 to 1961 are indexed in separate volumes (Volumes 30-35) arranged alphabetically by state office and county name. This set of volumes correspond to a Governor's term of office. For example, there is a State Directory, a County Directory, and an index for the period 1937 to 1941.

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