State and County Officer Directories, 1868-1969

Documenting Public Service

The State and County Officer Directories can provide a wealth of useful information about a person’s public service in Florida, but it is often possible to find many more related records in the collections of the State Archives.

All of the following records are available for viewing in person, or specific records can be requested by phone or email. Certain personal information in these records may be exempt from public disclosure.

Commissions – These are file copies of the commission certificates issued to elected and appointed state and county officers. Each commission certificate usually provides the name of the officer, the office title, the term of office and the date of commission.

These commissions are generally available for all state and county officers elected or appointed to office since 1845. Commissions are found in the following series of records at the State Archives.

Oaths of Office – These are written oaths of office sworn and signed by appointed or elected state and county officials, usually before a judge or justice of the peace. These records are found in the following series at the State Archives.

Bonds – Some county officers, such as tax collectors and county treasurers, were required by state law to post a bond before they could begin their term. The documentation for each bond usually includes the name of the officer, the names of the guarantors of the bond and the amounts they each pledged, and signatures of approval from county officials. Bonds are usually found in these series of records at the State Archives.

Canvassing Reports – These are reports detailing the number of votes received by each candidate in an election. Canvassing reports are particularly useful because they document not only people who served in public office, but also the people who ran against them in both primary and general elections. These records are found in the following series at the State Archives.

Resignations and Removals – For a variety of reasons, officials sometimes resign from office or are suspended or removed by the Governor. These events are generally listed in the State and County Officer Directories, but more details can often be found in the records of the Governor or the Secretary of State. Look for information about the resignation or removal of a commissioned county or state officer in these series at the State Archives.

Appointment Correspondence – The Governor is responsible for appointing a wide range of state and county officers and members of boards, commissions and task forces. The process of selecting appointees often generates an extensive paper trail, sometimes including correspondence between the governor's staff and the prospective appointees. Records pertaining to the appointment process are generally found in these series at the State Archives.

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