Want to learn more about the Division of Library and Information Services and Florida Memory from the experts? Archives staff conduct webinars that provide detailed information about digitized collections from the State Library and Archives of Florida and offer tips on how to use these resources in the classroom, for family history research and more.

  • Tools from the State Archives for Teaching World War II
    Florida's contributions to the war effort during World War II were both extensive and varied. Archives staff explore primary sources and other tools teachers can use to add some local Florida flair to their World War II unit.
  • Documenting Death and Burial in Family History Research
    The key to researching death and burial lies in understanding how government and private institutions have documented death over the years, and knowing where to look for each kind of record. In this webinar, Archives staff share a broad range of sources for researching death and burial of ancestors from the 19th and 20th centuries.
  • Top State Archives Resources for Florida Counties and Communities
    Is your Florida county or community coming up on a big anniversary? The State Archives is a great source of original historical documents and information pertaining to each county in the state. Archives staff give an overview of these collections, plus ideas on how to incorporate them into projects to promote the local history of your Florida community or county.
  • Researching the Lives of Enslaved Ancestors
    Researching the lives of individuals who were enslaved for part or all of their lives can be an especially challenging task for a genealogist. Archives staff take a look at some of the most valuable tools for tracing the lives of enslaved individuals, including estate and property records, court cases, non-population census records and other helpful documents.
  • Documenting the Troops Military Records on Florida Memory and at the State Archives
    The State Archives of Florida provides public access to a wide variety of materials documenting the military service of Floridians. Many have been digitized, although others remain available only in hard copy or microfilm. This webinar explores a selection of military records from both categories, with ideas on how to use them to build a profile of an ancestor's service.

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