Guide to Military Records and the Wartime Experience

at the State Archives of Florida

State Library of Florida: A Select Bibliography

This bibliography lists books available at the State Library of Florida relating to United States military history with an emphasis on Florida’s participation and the experiences of Floridians. In addition to the resources listed here, scholarly journals, subject-based periodicals, doctoral dissertations and masters’ theses, and genealogy holdings are available through the electronic databases on the computers in the State Archives/State Library reference room.

The State Library also maintains biography files on Floridians; federal and state military maps, reports and statistics; and numerous works on a variety of subjects published by state and local organizations.

This is a select bibliography and is not meant to be comprehensive.

Seminole Wars

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Civil War

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Spanish-American War

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Mexican Punitive Expedition

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World War I

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World War II

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Post-World War II

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