A Guide to Florida Governors and the Florida Cabinet

Millard Fillmore Caldwell

Millard Caldwell

Twenty-ninth governor: January 2, 1945 to January 4, 1949

Party Affiliation: Democrat

Lt. Governor: None

First Lady: Mary Rebecca Harwood Caldwell

Florida Cabinet

Secretary of State:
Robert A. Gray (1930-1961)
J. M. (James Martin) Lee (1933-1946)
Clarence M. Gay (1946-1955)
J. Edwin Larson (1941-1965)
Commissioner of Agriculture:
Nathan Mayo (1923-1960)
Attorney General:
J. Tom Watson (1941-1949)
Supt. of Public Instruction:
Colin English (1937-1949)

Florida Photographic Collection:
Collections at the State Archives of Florida:
Other Repositories:
  • Papers, P.K. Yonge Library of Florida History, University of Florida.
Published Materials:
  • Caldwell, Millard. The Administration of Millard F. Caldwell As Governor of Florida, 1945-1949. Tallahssee, 1950.
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