A Guide to Florida Governors and the Florida Cabinet

John Ellis (Jeb) Bush (1953-)

Jeb Bush

Forty-third governor: January 5, 1999 to January 2, 2007

Party Affiliation: Republican

Lt. Governor: Frank Brogan (1999-2003); Toni Jennings (2003-2007)

First Lady: Columba Garnica Gallo Bush

Florida Cabinet

Secretary of State:
Katherine Harris (1999-2002)
Jim Smith (2002-2003)
Ken Detzner (2003-2003)
Robert Milligan (1995-2003)
Treasurer & Insurance Commissioner:
Bill Nelson (1995-2000)
Tom Gallagher (2001- 2003)
Commissioner of Agriculture:
Robert B. Crawford (1991-2001)
Terry Lee Rhodes (interim) (2001)
Charles Bronson (2001- present)
Attorney General:
Robert Butterworth (1987-2002)
Richard E. Doran (2002-2003)
Commissioner of Education:
Thomas Gallagher (1999-2001)
Charlie Crist (2001-2003)

Florida Cabinet (2003-2007)

Chief Financial Officer:
Tom Gallagher (2003-2007)
Attorney General:
Charlie Crist (2003-2006)
Bill McCollum (2006-present)
Commissioner of Agriculture:
Charles Bronson (2001- present)

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