A Guide to Florida Governors and the Florida Cabinet

Haydon Burns

Haydon Burns

Thirty-fifth governor: January 5, 1965 to January 3, 1967

Party Affiliation: Democrat

Lt. Governor: None

First Lady: Mildred Carlyon Burns

Florida Cabinet

Secretary of State:
Tom Adams (1961-1971)
Ray E. Green (1955-1965)
Fred O. Dickinson (1965-1975)
J. Edwin Larson (1941-1965)
Broward Williams (1965-1971)
Commissioner of Agriculture:
Doyle Conner (1961-1991)
Attorney General:
Earl Faircloth (1965-1971)
Supt. of Public Instruction:

Florida Photographic Collection:
  • Video - Disney: Yesterday and Tomorrow
    Gov. Haydon Burns introduces our "new neighbor" Walt Disney. Uses clips from Disney TV and movies and scenes from the California park to introduce Florida to its newest theme park. (1966)
Collections at the State Archives of Florida:
Published Materials:
  • Bartley, Abel. Keeping the Faith: Race, Politics, and Social Development in Jacksonville, Florida, 1940-1970.
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