A Guide to Florida Governors and the Florida Cabinet

William D. Bloxham

William D. Bloxham

Thirteenth governor: January 4, 1881 to January 7, 1885

Seventeenth governor: January 5, 1897 to January 8, 1901

Party Affiliation: Democrat

Lt. Governor: L.W. Bethel (1881-1885)

First Lady: Mary C. Davis Bloxham

Florida Cabinet

Secretary of State:
F. W. Rankin (1880-1881)
John L. Crawford (1881-1902)
Columbus Drew (1877-1881)
William D. Barnes (1881-1890)
Walter H. Gwynn (1877-1881)
Henry A. L’Engle (1881-1885)
Commissioner of Immigration:
Attorney General:
George P. Raney (1877-1885)
Adjutant General:
John J. Dickison (1877- 18??)
Supt. of Public Instruction:
Eleazer K. Foster (1881-1884)
Albert Jonathan Russell (1884-1893)
Surveyor General:

Florida Photographic Collection:
Collections at the State Archives of Florida:
Published Materials:
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  • Johnson, Kenneth. “The Administration of William Dunning Bloxham, 1881-1885.” MA Thesis: Florida State University, 1959.

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