Guide to African American Resources in the State Library and Archives of Florida

Local Government Records

The Local Government Records held by the State Archives consist of a small quantity of original public records generated by local government agencies and jurisdictions throughout the state. These series vary widely in scope and contain records such as birth, marriage and death records; tax rolls; trusts, wills and estate appraisements; probate records; administrative files; city ordinances; and many others. These records are particularly useful for genealogical research and are listed below under their alphabetically arranged county of origin.

Many of the series listed in this section are on microfilm, which is available to on-site patrons only. Researchers needing these records should plan to visit the Archives in person or arrange with a private researcher. Reference staff will provide a list of researchers upon request.

Common Record Types

Chancery Records: Chancery cases are civil cases of equity, wherein two parties claim conflict and one party seeks to compel the other to do or to stop doing a specific action. These cases can include divorces, foreclosures, trusts, property disputes and probate issues.

Death Records: These include death certificates, coroner’s reports and inquests prepared by the coroner for court cases.

Deed Records: Books of recorded deeds, which are legal instruments by which real property transfers from one party to another. Common deed types include warranty deeds, quitclaim deeds and deeds of gift. These contain useful information on the individuals to and from whom the property was transferred and on the property itself.

Discharge Records: The bulk of these pertain to World War I soldiers and sailors, as each county was required by law to record their honorable discharges after service. Records include the service member’s name, race, rank, physical description, reason for discharge and an enlistment record of their service.

Marriage Records: Books of marriage licenses documenting the names and additional information of the spouses as well as when and where the ceremony was performed. May also include applications for marriage licenses and related affidavits.

Mortgage Records: Mortgages are conditional transfers of legal title, such as to property conveyed by a deed, as security for payment of a debt.

Naturalization Records: Pertain to individuals applying for U.S. citizenship via naturalization and include identifying information such as name, country of origin, age, birth and work information and date of entry.

Probate Records: Court records related to estate division after the death of the estate’s owner, either testate (with a will) or intestate (without a will). These records may include wills, inventories, distribution records and other documents.

Progress Dockets: Records of the progress of cases heard before the court that list each action taken along with their date and cost. Cases vary widely and can include, for example, divorce, mortgage foreclosures, assault and larceny.

Tax Records: These come from the Circuit Court or Tax Collector’s Office and record the taxpayer’s name, description and value of land, and type and value of livestock, and personal and real property.

Will Books: These contain wills and their related documents as recorded by the court. Wills provide information on family relationships as well as specific property and goods.

Local Government Records by County of Origin


L86, 8th Circuit Deed Records, 1826-1928 (26 microfilm reels)

L87, 8th Circuit Probate Records, 1828-1948 (8 microfilm reels)

L88, 8th Circuit Marriage Records, 1837-1930 (12 microfilm reels)


L89, 8th Circuit Deed Records, 1877-1933 (7 microfilm reels)

L90, 8th Circuit Marriage Records, 1877-1951 (23 microfilm reels)

L91, 8th Circuit Probate Records, 1877-1910 (3 microfilm reels)

L236, 8th Circuit Will Book, 1914-1956 (1 microfilm reel)

L356, 8th Circuit Soldiers and Sailors Discharge Records, 1917-1945 (1 microfilm reel)

L358, 8th Circuit Miscellaneous Records, 1912-1937 (1 microfilm reel)

L359, 8th Circuit Mortgage Records, 1876-1899 (2 microfilm reels)

L360, 8th Circuit Record of Administration, 1914-1938 (1 microfilm reel)

L372, 8th Circuit Tax Books, 1877-1895 (2 microfilm reels)


L92, 14th Circuit Marriage Records, 1913-1951 (9 microfilm reels)

L93, 14th Circuit Will Book, 1913-1936 (1 microfilm reel)

L237, 14th Circuit Soldiers and Sailors Discharge Records, 1919-1942 (1 microfilm reel)

L238, 14th Circuit Chancery Order Books, 1913-1924 (1 microfilm reel)

Bradford (*called New River County from 1858-1861)

L94, 8th Circuit Deed Records, 1875-1933 (19 microfilm reels)

L95, 8th Circuit Probate Records, 1868-1940 (7 microfilm reels)

L96, 8th Circuit Marriage Records, 1875-1950 (11 microfilm reels)

L349, 8th Circuit Soldiers and Sailors Discharge Records, 1919-1944 (1 microfilm reel)


L1, Melbourne, Tax Assessment Rolls, 1895-1908 (1 volume)

L6, Titusville, City Council Admin Files, 1960-1974 (1.5 cubic feet)

L97, 18th Circuit Deed Records, 1871-1936 (24 microfilm reels)

L98, 18th Circuit Probate Records, 1886-1975 (8 microfilm reels)

L99, 18th Circuit Marriage Records, 1868-1954 (14 microfilm reels)

L365, 18th Circuit Soldiers and Sailors Discharge Records, 1918-1944 (1 microfilm reel)

L373, 18th Circuit Naturalization Records, 1865-1903 (1 microfilm reel)


*No relevant records available


L22, 14th Circuit Probate Records, 1585-1907 (1 volume, 1 microfilm reel)

L101, 14th Circuit Deed Records, 1862-1902 (3 microfilm reels)

L102, 14th Circuit Marriage Records, 1862-1926 (10 microfilm reels)

L103, 14th Circuit Probate Records, 1877-1920 (3 microfilm reels)

L241, 14th Circuit Mortgage Records, 1885-1899 (1 microfilm reel)

L242, 14th Circuit Record of Land Sold for Taxes, 1893-1928 (1 microfilm reel)

L248, 14th Circuit Tract Book 1829-1900, (1 microfilm reel)

L281, 14th Circuit Chancery Order Books, 1906-1925 (1 microfilm reel)

L301, 14th Circuit Progress Dockets, 1909-1924 (2 microfilm reels)

L302, 14th Circuit Will Books, 1878-1952 (1 microfilm reel)

L303, 14th Circuit Military Discharge Records, 1899-1919 (1 microfilm reel)


L104, 20th Circuit Marriage Records, 1921-1927, 1945 (1 microfilm reel)


L105, 5th Circuit Marriage Records, 1887-1962 (3 microfilm reels)

L106, 5th Circuit Probate Records, 1878-1935 (4 microfilm reels)

L107, 5th Circuit Deed Records, 1878-1948 (16 microfilm reels)

L239, 5th Circuit Soldiers and Sailors Discharge Records, 1919-1943 (1 microfilm reel)

L240, County Cemetery Records, 1990-1991 (1 microfilm reel)


L108, 4th Circuit Deed Records, 1871-1915 (15 microfilm reels)

L109, 4th Circuit Probate Records, 1859-1924 (5 microfilm reels)

L110, 4th Circuit Marriage Records, 1872-1958 (5 microfilm reels)

L247, 4th Circuit Tract Books, 1837-1893 (1 microfilm reel)

L314, 4th Circuit Chancery Records, 1885-1925 (2 microfilm reels)

L315, 4th Circuit Soldiers and Sailors Discharge Records, 1917-1944 (1 microfilm reel)

L352, Clay Memorial Hospital Personnel Records, 1969-1992 (9 cubic feet)

L354, Clay Memorial Hospital Admin and Financial Records 1955-1994 (5 cubic feet)


L111, 20th Circuit Marriage Records, 1923-1945 (1.00 microfilm reel 35mm)


L112, 3rd Circuit Deed Records, 1849-1932 (11 microfilm reels)

L113, 3rd Circuit Marriage Records, 1874-1976 (21 microfilm reels)

L114, 3rd Circuit Probate Records, 1860-1955 (6 microfilm reels)

L641, Supervisor of Elections Voter Registrations and Voter Rolls, 1871-1965 (121 volumes)

Dade County

*see Miami-Dade County records

De Soto

L118, 12th Circuit Marriage Records, 1887-1936 (9 microfilm reels)

L119, 12th Circuit Will Books, 1903-1929 (3 microfilm reels)

L246, 12th Circuit Deed Records, 1887-1926 (21 microfilm reels)

L249, 12th Circuit Soldiers and Sailors Discharge Records, 1919-1942 (1 microfilm reel)

L250, 12th Circuit Naturalization Records, 1890-1919 (1 microfilm reel)

L343, 12th Circuit Probate Records, 1886-1961 (9 microfilm reels)


L120, 3rd Circuit Marriage Records, 1921-1953 (3 microfilm reels)

L121, 3rd Circuit Deed Records, 1871-1904 (2 microfilm reels)


L62, Office of County Engineer Maps, 1928 (5 microfilm reels)

L122, 4th Circuit Deed Records, 1822-1923 (19 microfilm reels)

L123, 4th Circuit Marriage Records, 1823-1963 (139 microfilm reels)

L124, 4th Circuit Probate Records, 1822-1922 (106 microfilm reels)

L251, 4th Circuit Mortgage Records, 1901-1923 (10 microfilm reels)


L14, 1st Circuit Court Marks and Brands Records, 1823-1890 (1 volume, 1 microfilm reel)

L125, 1st Circuit Deed Records, 1820-1910 (30 microfilm reels

L126, 1st Circuit Marriage Records, 1822-1927 (7 microfilm reels)

L127, 1st Circuit Probate Records, 1832-1972 (5 microfilm reels)

L128, Pensacola, FL Birth and Death Records, 1891-1910 (2 microfilm reels)

L205, Escambia County Plat Book, 1827-1890 (1 microfilm reel)

L252, 1st Circuit Mortgage Records, 1869-1884 (2 microfilm reels)

L253, 1st Circuit Soldiers and Sailors Discharge Records, 1919-1944 (1 microfilm reel)


L129, 7th Circuit Marriage Records, 1917-1973 (4.00 microfilm reel 35mm)

L130, 7th Circuit Probate Records, 1917-1939, 1944-1945 (2.00 microfilm reel 35mm)


L28, 2nd Circuit Letterbook, 1894-1907 (0.25 cubic foot)

L29, Revenue Collector’s Office Letterbook, 1880 (0.25 cubic foot)

L63, Apalachicola, City Clerk’s Office Records, 1856-1946 (2 microfilm reels)

L68, List of Children Between the Ages of 5 and 18, 1855 and 1866 (3 items)

L131, 2nd Circuit Deed Records, 1874-1936 (6 microfilm reels)

L132, 2nd Circuit Marriage Records, 1887-1957 (8 microfilm reels)

L133, 2nd Circuit Probate Records, 1832-1922 (4 microfilm reels)

L255, 2nd Circuit Soldiers and Sailors Discharge Records, 1919-1943 (1 microfilm reel)

L256, 2nd Circuit Naturalization Records, 1907-1928 (1 microfilm reel)

L258, 2nd Circuit Guardianship Records, 1921-1956 (1 microfilm reel)


L49, 2nd Circuit Deed Records, 1849-1898 (22 microfilm reels)

L55, 2nd Circuit Probate Records, 1827-1946 (17 microfilm reels)

L56, 2nd Circuit Marriage Records, 1849-1964 (24 microfilm reels)

L235, 2nd Circuit Record of Land Sold for Taxes, 1872-1922 (1 microfilm reel)

L265, 2nd Circuit Soldiers and Sailors Discharge Records, 1919-1946 (1 microfilm reel)

L273, 2nd Circuit Chancery Orders, 1859-1926 (1 microfilm reel)


L366, 8th Circuit Soldiers and Sailors Discharge Records, 1917-1920 (1 microfilm reel)

L367, 8th Circuit Marriage Records, 1927-1967 (1 microfilm reel)


L309, 20th Circuit Marriage Records, 1921-1951 (2 microfilm reels)


L134, 14th Circuit Marriage Records, 1925-1955 (2 microfilm reels)


L135, 3rd Circuit Deed Records, 1831-1938 (9 microfilm reels)

L136, 3rd Circuit Marriage Records, 1824-1956 (21 microfilm reels)

L137, 3rd Circuit Probate Records, 1830-1947 (15 microfilm reels)

L261, 3rd Circuit Land Patents, 1909-1938 (1 microfilm reel)

L262, 3rd Circuit Tract Book, 1831-1901 (1 microfilm reel

L263, 3rd Circuit Soldiers and Sailors Discharge Records, 1918-1944 (1 microfilm reel)

L264, 3rd Circuit Guardianship Records, 1890-1925 (1 microfilm reel)

L310, 3rd Circuit Census Record, 1880 (1 microfilm reel)

L311, 3rd Circuit Chancery Orders, 1859-1928 (1 microfilm reel)

L312, 3rd Circuit Letters of Administration, 1919-1924 (1 microfilm reel)


L138, 10th Circuit Marriage Records, 1921-1963 (7 microfilm reels)

L342, 10th Circuit Probate Records, 1874-1986 (5 microfilm reels)


L259, 20th Circuit Marriage Records, 1923-1951 (1 microfilm reel)

Hernando (*name briefly changed to Benton County from 1844-1850)

L24, 5th Circuit Case Files, 1881-1899 (0.5 cubic foot)

L139, 5th Circuit Deed Records, 1878-1929 (31 microfilm reels) 

L260, 5th Circuit Marriage Records, 1887-1961 (6 microfilm reels)

L267, 5th Circuit Soldiers and Sailors Discharge Records, 1919-1944 (1 microfilm reel)

L268, 5th Circuit Guardianship Records, 1884-1932 (1 microfilm reel)

L269, 5th Circuit Will Books, 1884-1936 (1 microfilm reel)

L270, 5th Circuit Probate Court Minutes, 1884-1926 (1 microfilm reel)

L300, 5th Circuit Administration Records, 1878-1936 (1 microfilm reel)


*No records available


L16, Greater Tampa Bicentennial Council Subject Files, 1973-1976 (2.5 cubic feet)

L140, 13th Circuit Deed Records, 1846-1935 (76 microfilm reels)

L141, 13th Circuit Marriage Records, 1846-1980 (131 microfilm reels)

L142, 13th Circuit Probate Records, 1845-1930 (76 microfilm reels)

L144, 13th Circuit Soldiers and Sailors Discharge Records, 1917-1957 (1 microfilm reel)

L266, 13th Circuit Naturalization Records, 1889-1906 (4 microfilm reels)


L145, 14th Circuit Marriage Records, 1902-1952 (5 microfilm reels)

L146, 14th Circuit Probate Records, 1902-1935 (2 microfilm reels)

L271, 14th Circuit Soldiers and Sailors Discharge Records, 1919-1946 (1 microfilm reel)

Indian River

L147, 19th Circuit Marriage Records, 1925-1927 (1 microfilm reel)


L23, 14th Circuit Tax, Court and County Records, 1820-1920 (1 microfilm reel)

L148, 14th Circuit Deed Records, 1829-1905 (16 microfilm reels)

L149, 14th Circuit Marriage Records, 1849-1973 (29 microfilm reels)

L150, 14th Circuit Probate Records, 1826-1936 (12 microfilm reels)

L272, 14th Circuit Soldiers and Sailors Discharge Records, 1919-1948 (1 microfilm reel)

L274, 14th Circuit Chancery Records, 1856-1867 (1 microfilm reel)


L42, Superior Court Middle District Case Files, 1828-1845 (9 cubic feet, 16 microfilm reels)

L46, Jefferson County School Board Records, 1914-1964 (24 cubic feet, 3 volumes)

L57, 2nd Circuit Marriage Records, 1827-1954 (31 microfilm reels)

L58, 2nd Circuit Probate Records, 1838-1946 (30 microfilm reels)

L59, 2nd Circuit Deed Records, 1825-1935 (29 microfilm reels)

L232, County Court Case Files, 1827-1920 (20 cubic feet)

L233, 2nd Circuit Cases Files, 1845-1920 (26 cubic feet)

L234, Justice of the Peace Case Files, 1831-1917 (4 cubic feet)

L306, 2nd Circuit Chancery Records, 1885-1936 (1 microfilm reel)

L307, 2nd Circuit Soldiers and Sailors Discharge Records, 1919-1947 (1 microfilm reel)

L308, Board of County Commissioners Minutes, 1897-1924 (1 microfilm reel)

L346, 2nd Circuit Miscellaneous Court Records, 1828-1955 (11.75 cubic feet)

L351, Tax Collector Records, 1888-1889, 1891-1895, 1898 (1 cubic foot)

L656, County Tax Proper Fund Records, 1855-1928, bulk 1892-1909 (1 cubic foot)


L151, 3rd Circuit Deed Records, 1873-1933 (6 microfilm reels)

L152, 3rd Circuit Marriage Records, 1857-1967 (10 microfilm reels)

L153, 3rd Circuit Probate Records, 1872-1964 (3 microfilm reels)

L275, 3rd Circuit Mortgage Records, 1893-1903 (1 microfilm reel)

L276, 3rd Circuit Progress Docket, 1893-1910 (1 microfilm reel)

L277, 3rd Circuit Chancery Records, 1893-1930 (1 microfilm reel)

L278, 3rd Circuit Miscellaneous Circuit Court Records, 1899-1904 (1 microfilm reel)

L280, 3rd Circuit Record of Liens, 1893-1899 (1 microfilm reel)


L20, 5th Circuit Registers of Legal Instruments Filed, 1887-1905 (3 volumes, 1 microfilm reel)

L154, 5th Circuit Indexes to Deed Records, 1887-1927 (6 microfilm reels)

L155, 5th Circuit Marriage Records, 1887-1975 (6 microfilm reels)

L156, 5th Circuit Probate Records, 1887-1928 (16 microfilm reels)

L289, 5th Circuit Death Records, 1915-1974 (5 microfilm reels)

L290, 5th Circuit Deed Records, 1887-1914 (16 microfilm reels)

L291, 5th Circuit Apprenticeship Records, 1890-1914 (1 microfilm reel)

L292, 5th Circuit Soldiers and Sailors Discharge Records, 1919-1939 (1 microfilm reel)


L17, County Tax Assessor’s Office Correspondence, 1887-1891 (0.5 cubic foot)

L282, 20th Circuit Marriage Records, 1887-1951 (3 microfilm reels)

L283, 20th Circuit Probate Records, 1889-1931 (4 microfilm reels)

L284, 20th Circuit Deed Records, 1886-1930 (8 microfilm reels)

L285, 20th Circuit Miscellaneous Circuit Court Records, 1887-1910 (1 microfilm reel)


L9, City of Tallahassee Records, 1885-1965 (92.5 cubic feet, 4 items)

L27, Tallahassee, City Clerk’s Office Index to the Register of Legal Instruments Filed, 1825-1897 (1 volume, 1 microfilm reel)

L30, 2nd Circuit Will Books, 1839-1947 (5 volumes, 2 microfilm reels)

L50, 2nd Circuit Superior and Circuit Court Minutes, 1824-1887 (7 microfilm reels)

L52, 2nd Circuit Deed Records, 1825-1942 (42 microfilm reels)

L53, 2nd Circuit Marriage Records, 1825-1955 (55 microfilm reels)

L54, Tallahassee, Department of Public Works Cemetery Records, 1835-1989 (1 microfilm reel)

L60, 2nd Circuit Chancery Records, 1825-1945 (200 cubic feet, 67 microfilm reels)

L61, 2nd Circuit Superior Court and Circuit Court Case Files, 1825-1944 (107 cubic feet, 26 microfilm reels)

L64, Sheriff’s Office Registers of Prisoners, 1908-1990 (48 volumes)

L65, Sheriff’s Office Registers of Convictions, 1903-1952 (5 volumes)

L66, Sheriff’s Office Criminal Dockets, 1922-1974 (21 volumes)

L69, Census of Leon County, 1825 (1 item)

L72, 2nd Circuit Court Estate Inventories and Appraisements, 1853-1879, 1883-1889, 1893-1894 (1 volume, 1 microfilm reel)

L73, 2nd Circuit Court Sales of Personal Estates, 1860-1889 (1 volume)

L74, 2nd Circuit Estate Register, 1874-1889 (1 volume)

L75, 2nd Circuit Orders at Chambers, 1845-1889 (1 volume, 1 microfilm reel)

L76, 2nd Circuit Letters Testamentary, Administration and Guardianship, 1841-1947 (3 volumes, 3 microfilm reels)

L77, 2nd Circuit Insanity Records, 1911-1933 (2 volumes)

L78, 2nd Circuit Petitions and Orders for Division or Sale of Real Estate, 1845-1867, 1885-1908 (2 volumes)

L85, Tallahassee, City Council Minutes, 1860-1920 (3 microfilm reels)

L231, Tallahassee-Leon County Consolidation Commission Records, 1990-1991 (2 cubic feet)

L344, 2nd Circuit Annual Returns of Estates, 1851-1892 (3 microfilm reels)

L345, 2nd Circuit Probate Files, 1827-1974 (74 microfilm reels)

L348, 2nd Circuit Soldiers and Sailors Discharge Records, 1920-1942 (1 microfilm reel)

L350, County Court Minutes, 1825-1833 (1 volume)

L355, Sheriff’s Office Wanted Criminal Announcements, 1891-1906 (0.3 cubic foot)

L375, Tallahassee Fire Department Records, 1905-1940 (11 volumes)

L642, Tourist Development Council, Tallahassee-Leon County Tourism Promotional Videos and Photographs, 1960s-2003 (6 cubic feet)

L643, Downtown Improvement Authority, Downtown Tallahassee Photo Prints and Slides, circa 1973-2010 (700 slides, 200 photographic prints)

L649, Supervisor of Elections Voter Registration Books, 1894-1946, bulk 1906-1938 (239 volumes, 2 folders)


L158, 8th Circuit Deed Records, 1850-1932 (18 microfilm reels)

L159, 8th Circuit Marriage Records, 1854-1959 (17 microfilm reels)

L160, 8th Circuit Probate Records, 1847-1921 (2 microfilm reels)

L369, 8th Circuit Soldiers and Sailors Discharge Records, 1917-1944 (1 microfilm reel)


L161, 2nd Circuit Deed Records, 1857-1915 (3 microfilm reels)

L162, 2nd Circuit Marriage Records, 1857-1966 (4 microfilm reels)

L163, 2nd Circuit Probate Records, 1858-1945 (6 microfilm reels)


L164, 3rd Circuit Deed Records, 1831-1910 (23 microfilm reels)

L165, 3rd Circuit Marriage Records, 1831-1974 (15 microfilm reels)

L166, 3rd Circuit Probate Records, 1846-1935 (4 microfilm reels)

L293, 3rd Circuit Chancery Records, 1858-1950 (1 microfilm reel)

L294, 3rd Circuit Progress Docket, 1877-1927 (1 microfilm reel)

L295, 3rd Circuit Soldiers and Sailors Discharge Records, 1919-1944 (1 microfilm reel)

L296, 3rd Circuit Minute Books, 1876-1892 (1 microfilm reel)

L297, 3rd Circuit Miscellaneous Circuit Court Records, 1913-1936 (1 microfilm reel)

L660, Turpentine leases, 1900s (156 gigabytes)


L167, 12th Circuit Deed Records, 1856-1910 (13 microfilm reels)

L168, 12th Circuit Marriage Records, 1856-1952 (29 microfilm reels)

L169, 12th Circuit Probate Records, 1857-1936 (45 microfilm reels)

L286, 12th Circuit Military Discharges, 1917-1930 (1 microfilm reel)

L287, 12th Circuit Naturalization Records, 1880-1905 (1 microfilm reel)


L170, 5th Circuit Deed Records, 1844-1928 (82 microfilm reels)

L171, 5th Circuit Marriage Records, 1844-1975 (33 microfilm reels)

L172, 5th Circuit Probate Records, 1846-1925 (36 microfilm reels)


*No records available

Miami-Dade (*called Dade County until 1997)

L2, Miami Resolutions and Minutes of the City Commission, 1921-1986 (162.25 cubic feet)

L3, Miami Beach Auditorium and Convention Hall Event Files, 1960-1980 (19 cubic feet)

L8, Miami Office of The City Clerk Ordinances, 1912-1979 (85 cubic feet)

L25, Miami Tax Assessor’s Building Records, 1950-1966 (8.5 cubic feet)

L33, North Miami City Council Minutes, 1926-1973 (67 volumes)

L34, North Miami Town Council Resolutions, 1926-1952 (9 volumes)

L79, North Miami Town Charter Board Minutes, 1952 (1 volume)

L115, 11th Circuit Deed Records, 1844-1902 (10 microfilm reels)

L116, 11th Circuit Marriage Records, 1840-1917 (1 microfilm reel)

L117, 11th Circuit Probate Records, 1869-1930 (9 microfilm reels)

L244, 11th Circuit Soldiers and Sailors Discharge Records, 1918-1922 (1 microfilm reel)

L245, 11th Circuit Naturalization Records, 1876-1906 (1 microfilm reel)


L173, 16th Circuit Deed Records, 1826-1927 (14 microfilm reels)

L174, 16th Circuit Marriage Records, 1826-1945 (41 microfilm reels)

L175, 16th Circuit Probate Records, 1826-1936 (8 microfilm reels)

L176, 16th Circuit Naturalization Records, 1848-1941 (1 microfilm reel)


L177, 4th Circuit Deed Records, 1840-1935 (14 microfilm reels)

L178, 4th Circuit Marriage Records, 1867-1972 (7 microfilm reels)

L179, 4th Circuit Probate Records, 1865-1931 (3 microfilm reels)

L648, Fernandina Beach Burial Records and Death Certificates, 1896-1916 (1,200 items)


L26, County Tax Collector’s Office Tax Assessment Rolls, 1915-1943 (32 volumes)

L180, 1st Circuit Marriage Records, 1915-1931 (1 microfilm reel)

L181, 1st Circuit Will Book, 1916-1936 (1 microfilm reel)


L182, 19th Circuit Marriage Records, 1917-1955 (2 microfilm reels)

L298, 19th Circuit Soldiers and Sailors Discharge Records, 1919-1946 (1 microfilm reel)

L299, 19th Circuit Deed Records, 1887-1918 (2 microfilm reels)

Orange (*called Mosquito County from 1824-1845)

L45, 9th Circuit Marriage Records, 1869-1951 (6 cubic feet, 41 microfilm reels)

L183, 9th Circuit Deed Records, 1843-1937 (70 microfilm reels)

L184, 9th Circuit Probate Records, 1869-1940 (17 microfilm reels)

L304, 9th Circuit Naturalization Records, 1906-1934 (1 microfilm reel)

L305, 9th Circuit Military Discharge Records, 1919-1933 (1 microfilm reel)


L185, 9th Circuit Marriage Records, 1887-1953 (9 microfilm reels)

L363, 9th Circuit Deed Records, 1887-1901 (5 microfilm reels)

L364, 9th Circuit Record of Wills, 1915-1926 (1 microfilm reel)

Palm Beach

L19, Boca Raton City Charter Records, 1964-1965 (0.25 cubic foot)

L186, 15th Circuit Marriage Records, 1909-1926 (3 microfilm reels)

L187, 15th Circuit General Index to Estates, 1909-1961 (1 microfilm reel)


L43, 6th Circuit Chancery Records, 1888-1966 (3 microfilm reels)

L80, County Tax Records, 1874-1898 (1 microfilm reel)

L81, 6th Circuit Deed Records, 1876-1953 (12 microfilm reels)

L82, 6th Circuit Probate Records, 1887-1967 (5 microfilm reels)

L83, Cartographic Records of Pasco County, 1884-1967 (1 microfilm reel)

L84, 6th Circuit Marriage Records, 1887-1972 (4 microfilm reels)

L338, 6th Circuit Naturalization Records, 1908-1931 (1 microfilm reel)

L340, 6th Circuit Soldiers and Sailors Discharge Records, 1917-1967 (1 microfilm reel)


L12, Upham Beach Park Administrative Files, 1955-1972 (0.25 cubic foot)

L374, Tarpon Springs Resolutions, 1999-2019 (0.25 cubic foot)


L188, 10th Circuit Deed Records, 1862-1926 (45 microfilm reels)

L189, 10th Circuit Marriage Records, 1862-1951 (49 microfilm reels)

L190, 10th Circuit Probate Records, 1861-1975 (31 microfilm reels)


L192, 7th Circuit Deed Records, 1849-1938 (54 microfilm reels)

L193, 7th Circuit Marriage Records, 1849-1974 (51 microfilm reels)

L194, 7th Circuit Probate Records, 1849-1919 (27 microfilm reels)

St. Johns

L195, 7th Circuit Deed Records, 1821-1925 (36 microfilm reels)

L196, 7th Circuit Marriage Records, 1823-1953 (19 microfilm reels)

L197, 7th Circuit Probate and Court Records, 1784-1953 (11 microfilm reels)

L198, 7th Circuit Court Records, 1763-1930 (74 microfilm reels)

L316, 7th Circuit Soldiers and Sailors Discharge Records, 1919-1944 (2 microfilm reels)

St. Lucie (*Post 1855. Prior to 1855, St. Lucie refers to the current Brevard County)

L199, 19th Circuit Will Books, 1905-1925 (2 microfilm reels)

L200, 19th Circuit Marriage Records, 1905-1948 (5 microfilm reels)

Santa Rosa

L44, 1st Circuit State Witness and Juror Payroll Lists, 1883-1923 (0.5 cubic foot)

L201, 1st Circuit Deed Records, 1834-1960 (15 microfilm reels)

L202, 1st Circuit Marriage Records, 1869-1956 (20 microfilm reels)

L203, 1st Circuit Probate Records, 1878-1960 (5 microfilm reels)

L204, Santa Rosa County Plat Book, 1827-1909 (1 microfilm reel)

L318, 1st Circuit Record of Instruments, 1906-1921 (1 microfilm reel)

L319, 1st Circuit Chancery Orders, 1892-1926 (1 microfilm reel)

L320, 1st Circuit Soldiers and Sailors Discharge Records, 1919-1938 (1 microfilm reel)


L206, 12th Circuit Marriage Records, 1921-1982 (5 microfilm reels)

L317, 12th Circuit Probate Records, 1921-1990 (5 microfilm reels)


L21, Altamonte Springs Town Clerk’s Office Tax Records, 1921-1927 (0.5 cubic foot)

L207, 18th Circuit Marriage Records, 1913-1927 (7 microfilm reels)

L208, 18th Circuit Probate Records, 1912-1942 (6 microfilm reels)


L31, County Tax Collector’s Office Tax Assessment Rolls, 1892-1931, 1934-1935 (42 volumes)

L209, 5th Circuit Deed Records, 1853-1960 (35 microfilm reels)

L210, 5th Circuit Marriage Records, 1853-1953 (11 microfilm reels)

L211, 5th Circuit Probate Records, 1856-1974 (9 microfilm reels)

L321, 5th Circuit Military Discharge Records, 1919-1950 (1 microfilm reel)


L213, 3rd Circuit Deed Records, 1859-1937 (21 microfilm reels)

L214, 3rd Circuit Marriage Records, 1859-1951 (16 microfilm reels)

L215, 3rd Circuit Probate Records, 1860-1950 (19 microfilm reels)

L322, 3rd Circuit Miscellaneous Circuit Court Records, 1898-1955 (1 microfilm reel)

L323, 3rd Circuit Chancery Records, 1892-1937 (1 microfilm reel)

L324, 3rd Circuit Military Discharge Records, 1917-1919 (1 microfilm reel)


L216, 3rd Circuit Deed Records, 1856-1957 (11 microfilm reels)

L217, 3rd Circuit Marriage Records, 1857-1955 (6 microfilm reels)

L218, 3rd Circuit Probate Records, 1870-1939 (4 microfilm reels)

L325, 3rd Circuit Chancery Records, 1861-1926 (2 microfilm reels)

L326, 3rd Circuit County Commissioners Records, 1864-1882 (1 microfilm reel)

L327, 3rd Circuit Court Records, 1895-1925 (3 microfilm reels)

L328, 3rd Circuit Soldiers and Sailors Discharge Records, 1920-1951 (1 microfilm reel)


L219, 8th Circuit Deed Records, 1866-1921 (9 microfilm reels)

L220, 8th Circuit Marriage Records, 1921-1957 (5 microfilm reels)

L362, 8th Circuit Soldiers and Sailors Discharge Records, 1918-1946 (1 microfilm reel)

L370, 8th Circuit Chancery Records, 1921-1934 (1 microfilm reel)

L371, 8th Circuit Miscellaneous Records, 1897-1916 (1 microfilm reel)


L35, Daytona City Tax Collector’s Office Tax Records, 1884-1925 (32 volumes)

L36, Daytona City Clerk’s Office Voter Registration Books, 1922-1925 (4 volumes)

L37, Daytona Beach City Tax Collector’s Office Tax Records, 1920-1951 (53 volumes)

L38, Daytona Beach Town Clerk’s Office voter Registration Book, 1906-1925 (1 volume)

L39, Seabreeze Town Tax Collector’s Office Tax Records, 1908-1925 (12 volumes)

L40, Seabreeze Town Clerk’s Office Voter Registration Book, 1912-1925 (1 volume)

L221, 7th Circuit Deed Records, 1856-1910 (17 microfilm reels)

L222, 7th Circuit Marriage Records, 1854-1944 (33 microfilm reels)

L223, 7th Circuit Probate Records, 1855-1962 (8 microfilm reels)

L330, 7th Circuit Naturalization Records, 1870-1931 (1 microfilm reel)


L224, 2nd Circuit Deed Records, 1835-1949 (7 microfilm reels)

L225, 2nd Circuit Marriage Records, 1892-1927 (1 microfilm reel)

L331, 2nd Circuit Probate Records, 1892-1952 (2 microfilm reels)

L332, 2nd Circuit Soldiers and Sailors Discharge Records, 1920-1942 (1 microfilm reel)

L333, 2nd Circuit Miscellaneous Circuit Court Records, 1892-1933 (1 microfilm reel)


L226, 1st Circuit Marriage Records, 1885-1972 (15 microfilm reels)

L227, 1st Circuit Probate Records, 1882-1944 (5 microfilm reels)

L334, 1st Circuit Deed Records, 1884-1936 (6 microfilm reels)

L336, 1st Circuit Soldiers and Sailors Discharge Records, 1919-1948 (1 microfilm reel)


L228, 14th Circuit Deed Records, 1880-1900 (6 microfilm reels)

L229, 14th Circuit Marriage Records, 1877-1973 (16 microfilm reels)

L230, 14th Circuit Probate Records, 1857-1946 (4 microfilm reels)

L335, 14th Circuit Miscellaneous Circuit Court Records, 1903-1961 (1 microfilm reel)

Multiple Counties

L48, Nineteenth Century County Records, 1826-1912 (0.5 cubic foot)       

L644, Election 2000 Voted Ballots, 2000 (168 cubic feet)