Photo Exhibits

Photo exhibits spotlight various topics in Florida history, and are accompanied by brief text intended to place selected materials in historical context.

Winter Holidays in the Sunshine

Christmas greetings from Florida (1919)

Image Number: PC0040

Postmarked December 17, 1919, Tampa, Florida.

Publication info: [Jacksonville, Fla. : H. W.B. Drew Co., between 1907 and 1919] Curt Teich)

Lewis Yates and Santa Claus: Christmas, Florida (1947)

Image Number: C008521

Lewis Yates, age four, climbs in the mail sack to insure prompt delivery of his letter to Santa.

While you throw snow balls for me, I'll pick oranges for you (1945)

Image Number: PC0042

Postmarked 1945.

Publication info: Pinellas Park, Fla : Hartman, [19--]

Annual childrens Christmas party at the Clara White Mission: Jacksonville, Florida (1963)

Image Number: PR00873

Eartha M.M. White is distributing gifts to the children.

Photographed on December 25, 1963.

Family parlor decorated for Christmas at 605 Magnolia Avenue, Hyde Park: Tampa, Florida (1895)

Image Number: RC05853

State Senator Bob Graham working as Santa Claus at Clark LaSalle Cleaners: Coral Gables, Florida (1977)

Image Number: N048738

Senator Graham is shown during one of his "workdays".

His more than 180 jobs include policeman, railroad engineer, construction worker, sponge fisherman, factory worker, social worker, busboy, teacher and newsman.

Christmas doll decorations by retired milliner Lottie Wojtkiewicz: Boynton Beach, Florida (1987)

Image Number: FA3007

Living nativity scene: Lake City, Florida (19--)

Image Number: N033751

Christmas: Saint Augustine, Florida (1951)

Image Number: C015626

Seminole Indian Thanksgiving meal (195-)

Image Number: PE0156

Note on back of photograph: "Wild turkey, venison & pie."