Photo Exhibits

Photo exhibits spotlight various topics in Florida history, and are accompanied by brief text intended to place selected materials in historical context.

Historic Hurricane Photos
Selected images from 1896 through 2005

Damaged Florida East Coast Railroad train from 1935 hurricane

Image Number: N031887

Soldiers assisting with the disposition of bodies of victims of the 1935 hurricane: Snake Creek, Florida

Image Number: RC17063

Rescue train swept off the tracks by the 1935 Labor Day hurricane

Rescue train swept off the tracks by the 1935 Labor Day hurricane

Image Number: N041488

The hurricane washed this eleven car special train off the track soon after reaching the stricken area. The train was trying to rescue 683 World War I veterans in a rehabilitation camp, of which around 250 died as a result of the hurricane. The veterans, a remnant of the Bonus Army that marched on Washington, were employed for highway construction in the federal work relief project.

Photographed in Florida Keys on September 5, 1935.

Mortal remains of victims of the 1935 hurricane being cremated: Snake Creek, Florida

Image Number: RC17061

After the big storm, active Army units were assigned to search the shoreline, tidal creeks, and other likely areas where bodies might have been blown or washed up in the final stages of the hurricane. The boxes being burned are actually makeshift caskets, containing the victims' bodies. Over 250 veterans were thus cremated on the banks of Snake Creek, between Islamorada and Tavernier.

Damage in turpentine tree stand caused by hurricane of Sept. 4, 1935

Image Number: 024867

Located about 2 miles east of Perry, Florida, south side of State Road 5A.

Mrs. Bishop discussing building plans with Red Cross worker after the 1935 hurricane

Image Number: N041523

Mrs. Bishop was the relief director for the Tavernier Area. Probably photographed in Tavernier, Florida.

Dedication of the memorial on Islamorada for the 1935 hurricane victims

Image Number: N041514

Dedicated to those who lost their lives in September, 1935 hurricane.

L-R. Rolla Southworth; William Wood, Federal Art Project District Three; Edna Fuller, State Director Federal Art Project; O.A. Sandquist, Works Projects Administration; E.W. Affleck, Federal Art Project. Photographed on November 14, 1937.

A young man reading the bronze plaque on the memorial for the 1935 hurricane victims: Islamorada, Florida

Image Number: C026458