Photo Exhibits

Photo exhibits spotlight various topics in Florida history, and are accompanied by brief text intended to place selected materials in historical context.

Florida Flights of Fancy

To the Limits of Earth and Beyond

Pilot climbing into an F16 jet fighter airplane at Eglin Air Force Base (2000)

Image Number: MF1039

Photo by Mark Foley.

View of Florida from orbit (1966)

Image Number: C660815

Cuban MIG over Florida Straits (ca. 1970)

Image Number: CM0181

Original Seven Project Mercury astronauts with U.S. Air Force F-106B jet aircraft (1967)

Image Number: N041264

From left to right: Navy Lt. Comdr. Malcolm Scott Carpenter; Air Force Capt. Leroy Cooper, Jr.; Marine Lt. Col. John Glenn, Jr.; Air Force Capt. Virgil Grissom; Navy Lt. Comdr. Walter Schirra, Jr.; Navy Lt. Comdr. Alan Shepard, Jr.; and Air Force Major Donald Slayton.

View of Space Shuttle flying over Florida's capitol building (1992)

Image Number: PR11221

Naval air reserve training unit flyover: Jacksonville, Florida (1948)

Image Number: PR15082

Naval air reserve training unit flyover in the shape of an anchor: Jacksonville, Florida (1948)

Image Number: PR15083

Jacqueline Cochran, woman aviator (ca. 1954)

Image Number: PR00449

Airline cockpit (ca. 1950)

Image Number: PR00522

Photo by Pan American World Airways, Inc.

Miami-Dade Junior College student pilot training in a DC-3 at the school of aviation (ca. 1960)

Image Number: PR21859

Major Charles J. Rosenblatt with his crew (ca. 1944)

Image Number: PR13638

His crew were Sergeant Perdue and Sergeant Culver. Rosenblatt was born in Tampa and was a long-time resident of Jacksonville. He served in the U.S. Air Force for 22 years and was a fighter pilot during both World War II and the Korean Conflict. He received two distinguished flying crosses, the Air Medal, and three Oak Leaf Clusters in World War II alone. He was credited with destroying four Nazi planes and damaging three others.

National Guard pilot Bill Yoakley posing on the wing of a plane: Jacksonville, Florida (1949)

Image Number: RF00836

Wright experimental seaplane with a Wright 60 h.p. engine: Pensacola, Florida (1914)

Image Number: RC06229