The Florida Seminoles

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Treaty of Payne's Landing, 1832

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Treaty Paynes Landing, 1832 (page 2)

[Demands for slaves to be settled.]

Article VI. The Seminoles being anxious to be relieved from repeated vexatious demands for slaves and other property, alleged to have been stolen and destroyed by them, so that they may remove unembarrassed to their new homes; the United States stipulate to have the same property investigated, and to liquidate such as may be satisfactorily established, provided the amount does not exceed seven thousand (7,000) dollars.

[Indians to remove within three years.]

Article VIII. The Seminole Indians will remove within three (3) years after the ratification of this agreement, and the expenses of their removal shall be defrayed by the United States, and such subsistence shall also be furnished them for a term not exceeding twelve (12) months, after their arrival at their new residence; as in the opinion of the President, their numbers and circumstances may require, the emigration to commence as early as practicable in the year eighteen hundred and thirty-three (1833), and with those Indians at present occupying the Big Swamp, and other parts of the country beyond the limits as defined in the second article of the treaty concluded at Camp Moultrie creek, so that the whole of that proportion of the Seminoles may be removed within the year aforesaid, and the remainder of the tribe, in about equal proportions, during the subsequent years of eighteen hundred and thirty-four and five, (1834 and 1835.)

In testimony whereof, the commissioner, James Gadsden, and the undersigned chiefs and head men of the Seminole Indians, have hereunto subscribed their names and affixed their seals. Done at camp at Payne’s landing, on the Ocklawaha river in the territory of Florida, on this ninth day of May, one thousand eight hundred and thirty-two, and of the independence of the United States of American the fifty-sixth.

James Gadsden       Tokose-Emartla, or Jno. Hicks, his x mark,
Holati Emartla, his x mark       Cat-sha-Tusta-nuck-I, his x mark
Jumper, his x mark        Hola-at-a-Mico, his x mark
Fuch-ta-lus-ta-Hadjo, his x mark       Hitch-it-i-Mico, his x mark
Charley Emarthla, his x mark       E-ne-hah, his x mark
Coa Hadjo, his x mark       Ya-ha-emartla Chup-ko, his x mark
Ar-pi-uck-I, or Sam Jones, his x mark       Moke-his-she-lar-ni, his x mark
Ya-ha Hadjo, his x mark
Mico-Noha, his x mark


Douglas Vass, Secretary to Commissioner,
John Phagan, Agent,
Stephen Richards, Interpreter,
Abraham, Interpreter, his x mark,
Cudjo, Interpreter, his x mark,
Erastus Rogers,
B. Joscan.