Albert Manucy

Albert Manucy

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  • 19--

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  • Historian on balcony of house on Saint George Street.
  • Albert Manucy was one of Florida's most important early historians, especially of Spanish Colonial Florida and Saint Augustine architecture. He worked for the National Park Service at the Castillo de San Marcos, located in his hometown of Saint Augustine. After receiving a Master's from the University of Florida in 1934, he began with the NPS first as a WPA worker, then fulltime. He was one of NPS's first historians. He later studied Spanish architecture as a Fulbright. Among his published works are "The Houses of Saint Augustine, 1566-1821" and "Sixteenth Century Saint Augustine: The People and Their Homes."


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  • 1 photograph - b&w - 3 x 5 in.

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Albert Manucy
Albert Manucy

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Albert Manucy

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Albert Manucy

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Albert Manucy. 19--. Black & white photograph, 3 x 5 in. State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory. <>, accessed 18 February 2018.


Albert Manucy. 19--. Black & white photograph. State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory. Accessed 18 Feb. 2018.<>.

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