Ford Flivver

Ford Flivver

Image Number

  • PR00450


  • 1928

Date Note

  • February 21, 1928.

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General Note

  • On Henry Ford's 63rd birthday, July 30, 1926, he revealed to the public his Ford Flivver airplane, designed by 27 year old Ford engineer Otto C. Koppen. The plane had a 20 foot wingspan weighing 320 lbs. and could cruise at 100 mph. It had a single low-wing monoplane with a 40 hp all magnesium engine. THe test pilot, and close friend of Ford's was Harry Brooks. The plane, powered by a Ford engine and produced in the Ford factory, had great promise of being a mass producible low-cost aircraft. Brooks was assigned to make a publicity tour of Florida and build up experience on the model. After making an unscheduled landing at Titusville, he took off flying south along the east coast only to crash into the sea off Melbourne on February 25, 1928.


Physical Description

  • 1 photograph - b&w - 8 x 10 in.

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Ford Flivver
Ford Flivver

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Ford Flivver

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Ford Flivver

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Ford Flivver. 1928. Black & white photograph. State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory. Accessed 25 Mar. 2019.<>.

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(State Archives of Florida)