Memorandum from Charles R. Oldham to CORE Group Leaders and Students, December 15, 1960

Memorandum from Charles R. Oldham to CORE Group Leaders and Students, December 15, 1960


December 15, 1960
CORE - Congress of Racial Equality
38 Park Row, New York 38, New York
TO: CORE Group Leaders, Advisory Committee, Student Contacts
FROM: Charles R. Oldham, National Chairman
Richard Frank Parker, a member of Tallahassee CORE who had his jaw broken during the Jacksonville sit-ins this summer, is back in jail. He was arrested in Tallahassee while serving as an observer for the CORE picket line at McCrory's. Judge Rudd have him a choice of a 30 day sentence or leaving town. He chose jail. Jail officials will not let any of Parker's friends visit him. It is [therefore] particularly important that you write him words of support and encouragement in the Leon County Jail, Tallahassee, Florida.
The situation in Fayette and Haywood Counties in Tennessee continues to be very grave. There is an immediate need for food and for warm children's clothing, including shoes. CORE groups in Chicago, Los Angeles, St. Louis and in New York have already responded warmly to this man-made disaster. We hope that you will be able to continue to help. Clothing should be sent directly to Odell Sanders, Haywood County Civic and Welfare League, 412 West Margin Street, Brownsville, Tennessee or to John McFerren, Fayette County Civic and Welfare League, Route 4, Box 135, Somerville, Tennessee. In addition, letters of protest should go to your local distributors of Wonder Bread and of Sealtest Milk. Tennessee distributors of these major chains will not distribute in Fayette or Haywood Counties to Negro registered voters. Letters might well go to the Department of Agriculture urging that surplus food be made available to relieve the suffering. We should like to receive carbons of your letters.
The January 3rd issue of LOOK MAGAZINE which will be on the newsstands beginning Tuesday, December 20, carries an interesting article entitled: "Introduction To A Sit-In." The article features the report of Margaret Leonard wrote for CORE of her role in a New Orleans sit-in. The account highlights the interracial aspect of our work and should be widely [distributed] for that reason as well as for its description of an interesting sit-in technique often used by CORE groups. Since this report was written, Margaret and eight other CORE members were arrested for "distributing leaflets without a license."


State Archives of Florida: Collection N2015-1, Box 01, Folder 11


CORE memo from Charles R. Oldham, national chairman, discussing white sit-in demonstrator Richard Parker being arrested during a picket line at McCrory's in Tallahassee; information about discrimination in Tennessee by local distributors of Wonderbread and Sealtest Milk against African-American registered voters; and an article in Look magazine about sit-ins written by Margaret Leonard, a CORE member.