News from the Southern Conference Education Fund, October 27, 1960

News from the Southern Conference Education Fund, October 27, 1960


NEWS from Field Secretaries' Office
Southern Conference Educational Fund, Inc.
4403 Virginia Avenue, Louisville 11, Ky.
October 27, 1960
JACKSONVILLE, Fla --- The power of concerted protest was shown again October 27 when authorities here released Richard Frank Parker from jail after he had served 60 days of a 90-day sentence.
Parker, a white student at Florida State University, Tallahassee, was jailed August 28 for taking part in sit-in demonstrations sponsored by Negro youth.
He and his attorney, Earl M. Johnson, attributed his early release to protest which descended upon city officials after it became known that Parke was in jail with a broken jaw, received when he was hit by a segregationist.
Sympathizers from all over the United States sent him money and books. With the extra funds he purchased milk which enabled him to gain back some of the weight he lost in the early days of his confinement. He had been unable to eat solid foods because of his jaw fracture.
Parker, who plans to re-enter F.S.U. if they'll accept him, said he received about u20 letters a day during the latter part of his stay in jail. 
He said:
"I feel good, and I want to thank all the people who supported me and backed me. I plan to and will continue to participate in demonstrations against segregation. My time in jail has not decreased my dedication to this cause at all." 


State Archives of Florida: Collection N2015-1, Box 01, Folder 14


News from the Southern Conference Educational Fund in Louisville, Kentucky, updating the status of Richard Frank Parker, a white student imprisoned in Jacksonville during a sit-in demonstration. He received a lot of attention nationwide because his jaw was broken "when he was hit by a segregationist," and this attention led to his early release from jail.