CORE Press Release About Five Jailed Student Leaders Receiving Gandhi Award, 1960

CORE Press Release About Five Jailed Student Leaders Receiving Gandhi Award, 1960


From: CORE - Congress of Racial Equality
Roosevelt Hotel, St. Louis, Missouri
Attn: Marvin Rich
FOR RELEASE: Wednesday evening, June 29, 1960
Five jailed student leaders received CORE's Gandhi Award at a mass meeting opening CORE's 18th Annual Conference Convention in St. Louis today.
The five -- Barbara and John Broxton, William Larkins, Patricia and Priscilla Stephens -- received the award for their outstanding contributions during the year in improving relations through direct, nonviolent methods.
Rev. Wyatt Tee Walker, himself jailed for sitting-in at a Petersburg, Virginia public library, presented the Gandhi Award to the young leaders.
Sacrificed Selves
The citation says: "They spent 49 days in a Florida jail for 'disturbing the peace and public tranquility' by sitting quietly at a Woolworth lunch counter. They chose to serve a jail sentence rather than pay an unjust fine. Later they were asked by University officials to withdraw from school for a semester. They have sacrificed themselves for the right as they saw it.
"Under their leadership the Tallahassee CORE group has sustained a direct action program. This deep South group has been thoroughly interracial and has managed to increase its membership and influence in the community, in spite of attacks from politicians and white citizens council elements.
"The five leaders have borne abuse and contumely with restraint and dignity. They have maintained a spirit of good will and of understanding. They have not swerved from the objective of equal rights for all."
All the students have been placed on probation by Florida A. & M. University for their role in leading the sit-ins. CORE will assist the students in securing their education during the coming school year.


State Archives of Florida: Collection N2015-1, Box 03, Folder 16


Press release from CORE noting the five recipients of the Gandhi Award: Barbara and John Broxton, William Larkins and Patricia and Priscilla Stephens. These five students served a 49-day jail sentence after being arrested during a sit-in demonstration at Woolworth's lunch counter in Tallahassee.