FAMU News Special, Tallahassee, October 21, 1963

FAMU News Special, Tallahassee, October 21, 1963


Last night (October 21) at 10:00p.m., three students staged a Sleep-In demonstration on the lawn of Sunshine Manor. The demonstration was launched in protest of the suspension of Patricia Due and Rubin [Kennon] from the university (as a result of their conviction by Circuit Court Judge Ben Willis).
At 10:20p.m., the three students went to the door and asked to speak with President Gore. Mrs. Gore informed the students that Dr. Gore was "very tired" and could not talk with them. The students then proceeded to go back on the lawn and continue their Sleep-In demonstration.
At 11:30p.m., Mrs. Gore came out of the house and invited the students to come in side. (For a brainwashing session) She graciously gave the students some doughnuts and some coffee. (The softening-up process)
About 15 minutes later Sir Roosevelt Holloman and Sir Wellington Rhodes arrived on the scene-and the brainwashing session was in full progress. While the three brave students munched on the doughnuts and sipped coffee, a barrage of propaganda was thrown upon them. But the gallant students refused to be brainwashed and, in turn, threw back a barrage of truths and opinions which caused a few dark faces to turn red.
The students stood their ground, never backing down from their demand that Patricia and [Kennon] be reinstated in the university. If not?-the Sleep-In would commence again tonight at 10:00p.m. (And is has so been decided)
Make sure that you do not miss out on this history-making protest demonstration. Come out tonight and join the great Sleep-In. Bring you blankets; put on some old shoes and some well-used clothes. We will be waiting for you. The doughnuts will be ready and the hot coffee will be brewing. SO COME ON.


State Archives of Florida: Collection N2015-1, Box 03, Folder 13


News special relating the sleep-in demonstrations of three FAMU students who were protesting the suspension of fellow students Patricia Stephens Due and Rubin Kenon.