Hollywood-by-the-Sea Brochure, ca. 1924

Hollywood-by-the-Sea Brochure, ca. 1924


Ocean Broad Walk, Easter Sunday, 1923

Ocean Front and Lagoons

Most Florida towns and cities along the East Coast are separated from ocean bathing beaches by intervening bays that must be spanned by long bridges and causeways. Hollywood is practically the only town or city in the State directly upon the ocean. No bay lies in front of it, nothing but the broad Atlantic.

Along a four-mile expanse of beautiful shore line will run a Broad Walk of concrete, thirty feet wide. More than a mile now completed. Bath houses and casinos, hotels and apartments, stores and shops and handsome cottages will soon convert Hollywood into an embryonic Atlantic City of the South.

Adjoining the beach to the west millions are being spent in developing a system of large artificial lakes and lagoons, where yachts and pleasure craft may cruise in placid waters along palm-fringed shores, past luxurious estates and beautiful homes.


Jacksonville, Florida


"By the Sea"


State Library Of Florida: Ephemera Collection, Broward


A 1920s brochure about Hollywood-by-the-Sea with information about the city's history, the hotels and apartments available there, golf, the Country Club and the ocean.