Vote for Revision 1 on November 7, 1978

Vote for Revision 1 on November 7, 1978


Vote For Revision 1 On November 7
Endorsed by Sandy D'Alemberte
State Attorney Janet Reno
Governor Reubin Askew
... to assure open government in Florida by requiring open meetings and accessible public records.
... to create a constitutional right of privacy guaranteeing every Floridian the right to be let alone and free from governmental intrusion in his private life.
... to improve our criminal justice system by ending the discrimination against the poor caused by undue reliance on money bail.
... to further assure that counties could not tax municipal resident for county services of no real and substantive benefit to them.
... to provide additional protection for the fiscal stability of state government by forbidding unsound increase in public pension plans.
... to guarantee to every Floridian the right to use all publicly-owned beaches and all recreational areas on those beaches.
... to safeguard public health in Florida by creating a state department of health.
... to maintain public confidence in government by making it easier to suspend corrupt public officials.
For these reasons, and more, you should vote FOR Revision 1.
Revision 2 is a provision which will prohibit discrimination against any person because of his or her sex.
Revisions 3 will, if adopted, require single-member districts for all legislative [seats] and take the reapportionment responsibilities away from the Legislature and place it with an independent commission.
Revision 4 would eliminate the existing Cabinet system and modernize the executive branch of government. The Governor would be responsible for all executive agencies and all his appointees would have to be confirmed by the Senate.
Revision 5 would create a five-member appointive Public Service Commission, in the Constitution.
Revision 6 would extend merit retention to the trial court judges and remove much of the unnecessary politics from judiciary races. All circuit and county court judges would be placed on the ballot every six years for voters to determine whether they should be retained in office.
Revision 7 is the finance and tax article and contains many complex changes including certain exemptions for businesses and individuals.
Revision 8 concerns the education article. It provides for a citizen board of education and requires that basic skills of reading, writing, and computing shall be the primary purposes of elementary and secondary schools in Florida.
Paid Political advertisement paid for by UPDATE '78, a citizen committee, Jim Apthorp, Treasurer


State Archives of Florida: Series 268, Box 08, Folder 10


Campaign in favor of Revision 1 of the 1978 constitutional revision. Additional proposed revisions are listed at the bottom.