Demands to Chief Garmire from the March Against Rape Leadership, 1971

Demands to Chief Garmire from the March Against Rape Leadership, 1971


P. O. Box 734
Coral Gables, Florida 33134
October 2, 1971

from the March Leadership

1. The Miami Police Department Leadership PROMPTLY devise and implement ways and means of providing the necessary protection for women against rape.
2. More foot and scooter patrols - with larger numbers deployed in sensitive hours and high crime areas.
3. Sodium lights.
4. More police call-in boxes - Prominently Marked - and wide dissemination to the public of their availability for use by the public to report crimes and suspicious activities.
5. [Hotline] number to report all all serious crimes - and requirement that, as soon as caller indicates it concerns a rape or attempted rape, call must immediately be switched to a female officer for necessary action and interrogation. A woman officer must be available 24 hours daily to immediately receive and handle all such calls.
6. A female officer must be present at all interrogations and investigations of alleged rape or attempted rape cases.
7. Immediate investigation and rapid processing by the Police Department of all cases where suspect can be identified - and prompt completion and forwarding of such reports to State Attorney Richard Gerstein. We are requesting that priority be given by State Attorney Richard Gerstein and Judiciary to the prosecution and adjudication of these cases.

[Signature] Roxcy Bolton
Roxcy Bolton


State Archives of Florida: Collection M94-1, Box 02, Folder 41


Demands made to Chief Garmire from the leadership of the March Against Rape.