Document regarding Investigation of "Radio Free Dixie" Weekly Radio Program

Document regarding Investigation of "Radio Free Dixie" Weekly Radio Program



The most vicious propaganda against the United States affecting Florida is that broadcast into the state each week by the Cuban Radio. A North Carolina Negro, Robert F. Williams, through a weekly radio program called "Radio Free Dixie" calls on Negroes [sic] to rebel, arm themselves and carry out dangerously aggressive acts in the name of civil rights.

We have begun to explore the effects of these programs on Florida's Negro population, its migrant workers, and of other programming of Floridians.

Request approval to openly begin questioning and seeking information from a wider variety of sources that up to now available and for the issuance of subpoenas by the chairman for information which may appear of importance to this investigation.

We do not believe that there is now apparent a legislative remedy to the propaganda attacks, but feel a report would have great interest and meaning to the people of Florida and that possible memorials to the Congress might ensue from the investigation.


State Archives of Florida: Series S1486, Box 18, Folder 21


A statement requesting approval to investigate the weekly radio program "Radio Free Dixie" to determine the program's effects on Florida's African-American population.


ca. 1960s


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Civil Rights Movement in Florida (1954-1975)

General Note

"Radio Free Dixie" was a weekly radio program on the air from 1961 to 1965 and hosted by Robert F. Williams of North Carolina. Williams was exiled to Cuba during the Civil Rights Movement so his program was broadcast from Havana. The program included music, news and commentary about the the Civil Rights Movement.